Terminator Salvation: Aerial Hunter Killer statue

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Terminator Salvation - Aerial Hunter Killer statue

Final product:

Terminator Salvation is the worst Terminator movie up to date in my humble opinion. Its story and logic is very flawed. Characters are very unlikely to be liked by the audience. Short version: a piece of ****.

Still the big Terminator fan in me likes a few of the machines that were in the movie. As Terminator Salvation did not have any statues of the Aerial Hunter Killer (AHK), I decided to make one myself.

Playmates' toyline of Terminator Salvation was mostly ****. The figures don't feature a likeness of the characters in the movie. Only 2 toys caught my attention and I bought them: the T-1 Unit and the Aerial Hunter Killer. However the AHK toy was brownish while in the movie it was a very dirty chrome look. Also, the AHK toy had some soft golden guns and edges to the turbines, which look absolutely horrible to me.

Here's the AHK toy by Playmates:

Here's the AHK of the movie:

I bought a base on ebay. I will be using a generic perspex flyer stand to carry the AHK.

First step was to make a cross in the base so the flyer can be stuck to it. No glue is being used to stick the flyer stand to the base or to stick the AHK to the flyer stand. Then adjusting the flyer stand to the AHK so the airship can be carried. I drilled two holes in the AHK and created two pointy parts in the flyer stand. These will fit into each other. I also cut of another small part of the flyer so the rest of the AHK could rest on that part for extra support.


As the AHK toy was already really smooth there was no need for sanding and I sprayed Spaz Stick black backer on it.

Then a layer of Spaz Stix mirror chrome which gives it a really clean look (somehow I still suck at getting a good reflecting chromed look with this aerosol paint).


Here it is on the flyer stand:

Also, since I did not drill my holes horizontally next to each other but more diagonally next to each other, it doesn't give a static "look-I'm-hanging-in-the-air" look but more a real flying pose.

However, getting back to the clean chrome look, the AHK's in Salvation are very dirty. The future of Salvation is greasy, oiled and very dirty (except for the clean shaven, freshly washed people with shining clean perfect teeth). So I painted a worn and weathered look on the AHK with black wash (black acrylic paint mixed with a lot of water). Specially the turbines and the bottom of the airship.



The finishing touch is to add a little more detail to the base. I have placed 2 Endoskeletons from the Terminator Genisys Miniature Game on the base. Yes, they can be recognized as Genisys Endo's based on the triangular chest plate and the plasma riffle, but these are just small details. I've painted them also with Spaz Stix Mirror Chrome and black wash. Gave them red eyes by ticking them off with a small skewer with red paint as I don't have any high detail brushes etc.



Also added a helix resistance sign from Salvation on the wall, drawn with the same small skewer.


I would have loved to add a Terminator Salvation logo on the base in relief, as most of my statues have this. But I didn't have a logo or couldn't find a 3D model online to print. A sticker would have been too much of a contrast with the base. A collegeau of mine was handy with 3dsmax, so he made me a custom logo which I had realized on a 3D printer.


However, the planned placing of the 3D printed logo turned out to be to crowded, so I placed the logo on the back of the base after painting it with chrome/silver and black wash.

Some more photos of the final product:






Coming up next: Terminator 3: Aerial Hunter Killer Drone statue

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