Terminator Genisys: Spider Tank

Terminator Genisys: Spider Tank

Final product:

Not a big fan of this design, but still a fan of the T2 Centurion, and glad to see it in action in a Terminator movie. I got my hands on an expensive Terminator Genisys miniature game Spider Tank, which is sold out at the moment (hence why it is so expensive). This one would require some work, though in the end I think everybody can make this figure as this was no rocket science.

All the parts still have leftover bits which need to be removed.

I drilled some holes in the figure so the belly is open like the unit has in the movies. This is optional as you can also leave it. I didn't dare to do the same in the arms and left it that way, as it is way more difficult plus I didn't know if the arms would still carry the weight. Keep in mind the official pics of the figure also don't have these extra holes and the guideline on the site only mentions that one can do it but that it's completely optional.

Then glued some parts together.

Painted the whole figure with a glossy black paint, then applied C1 metal powder to give it a very good chrome look.Painted the eyes red.

And then the hell broke loose. Have glued the parts several time (with activator) but the illogical design by Riverhorse games just screws this up. Even contacted customer service but they don't care. Therefor I would advice everybody not to buy this statue if they have the chance (it is always sold out).
Had to re-do the paint again because of al lthe gluing issues with this item:

Had bought a painted skull base on Ebay for this figure and glued the figure on that base.

One more note: Really frustrating project. River Horse, just burn in hell!!

Richard Baker

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That turned out pretty good especially considering what you went through.
I loved this design when I saw it in the T2 Sketches, nice to finally see it in action. I would love to get one two, but I am going to wait for another company to produce one- avoiding River Horse for sure!
Well Chronicles was going to make a 1/18 scale version, and they even have a prototype on display. But then only silence. Even if you ask them on forums etc, they don't answer the question about the Spider Tank. I wonder what's going on with that one.

But I prefer the T2 design over the Genisys design.


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HotF, I wasn't clear what problem you were having. Did glued joints come apart after assembly? If so, and just to be clear, did you remove any paint from the joint surfaces? Also, resin is famous for being 'contaiminated' with release compounds and so need a *serious* scrubbing with detergent to get it all off or else you have adhesion problems. Also, CA is not always indicated when you have joints subject to a torque shear (twisting or sliding perpendicular to the axis of the joint) force since super glue is weak in shear. In which case, an epoxy glue is usually best along with pinning to boost the joint. Although the joint configurations aren't readily discernible, some do appear to have small contact areas, so pinning would really be needed.

Sorry you had troubles but you overcame them for sure!

R/ Robert