Limited Run Terminator: Genisys™ 1:1 EndoSkull


Official Licensee
He always said he'd be back...

But Terminator: Genisys™ is bringing a whole new kind of awesome to the collectible world. I mean, seriously, did you watch the spot?!?

Chronicle Collectibles is the only licensee for Terminator: Genisys™ in this division, and we are about to add to your mind-blowing summer of film. We have a 1:1 scale Terminator: Genisys™ Endoskeleton Bust that will open for pre-orders on February 24th. All of our international distributors will be carrying the Endoskeleton Bust and will begin pre-orders on the 24th as well. We are also showcasing the bust at ComicCon this year, as well as several other shows and expositions happening around the world. We will announce more details about this product on February 24th, including dimensions and how many pieces will be in this release.

The 1:1 scale Endoskeleton Bust is only the beginning and we can say with confidence that nothing will be overlooked. Some of the products that we are currently conceptualizing and building are:
-1/2 scale Endoskeleton bust
-1/4 scale full Endoskeleton
-1/4 scale Arnold Battle Damaged (current time)
-1/2 scale 1984 Arnold bust (battle damaged straight from the CGI files from the 1984 movie)
-1/18 Spider HK Tank
-1/3 scale Endoskeleton Cinemaquette

We'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas! Let me know what you're most excited about and what you could do without. I will post more pictures as we get them!

As always, if you like what you see, follow us on social media!


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Has anyone else started ordering theirs ? Seen these at wonderfest...and they are beautiful endoskulls in every way . Look forward to seeing more of there upcoming project developments in the near future too....
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