Terminator Endoskeleton - LFS Kit - WIP

Too Much Garlic

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Thirteenth and last of the big pistons I've worked on, checked, reworked and uploaded:


Too Much Garlic

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Started work on the foot pistons.


Too Much Garlic

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We almost have a complete big toe section. I just need to figure out how to do the egg shaped piece between the toe and 2 pistons as well as the 2 types of connectors.

Probably looks a little more recognizable now. I hope.


Too Much Garlic

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Was surprised to find so much variation between the different toe pieces.

The thinner rod appears to be done in a fashion where the thinnest rod goes inside the slightly bigger tube, creating motion not controlled as a piston. Without this also being able to move, there is very little motion in the up and down motion of the foot, as it attaches to the ankle piece, but with it, you'll be able to bend the foot much further down. The question is whether people even want or need this extra motion and with prints it will be super weak anyway, so if people want the extra motion, they'll probably have to switch the rods and tubes on that piece out with metal parts, so I'm wondering whether I should just merge the two movable sections on each foot into one, so the slight motion is only coming from the egg-shaped piece I haven't made yet and the thicker piston piece.

What are your thoughts?

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Too Much Garlic

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I couldn't understand what I was seeing in some of the pictures.

For one thing, the egg-shaped piece is a lot more intricate on the props and screen captures, sporting the cable control groove you also see on the pieces in the cut-out sections on the fingers. I will probably add that to my models.

Another thing. On the real endoskeleton the feet pistons seems to be cheat pistons. They do not work. The fatter detailed part is loose and can move around and is just slid in over a thinner rod that's just closed off at each end by the fork connectors, meaning... they are locked in place in terms of extending and retracting. That's so hilarious and simple. Well... that explains why the fatter parts were all over the place on several reference pictures. Well... I've made them as actual pistons so far, but knowing this... I have the option to simplify things a great deal from 7 individual parts to 4 on each toe.

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