Terminator Chip


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Guys I have had this quite a long time. It is made by a company called Cinema Replicas.

It is Artist Proof number 00. I have been told that the company never sold these because

the plaque had the wrong information. They were supposed to say T-800 but they said T-1000

cpu chip. Mine says T-800 which is very interesting.

If any of you know anything about this I would love to know.



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That looks exactly like a HCG...that I owned years ago , and it had a blue light built in...this looks to be a resin kit of some sort...??? Am I wrong ??? Because HCG was also a solid resin casting as well, and I have seen just a couple on Ebay...like yours over the years that were the same...except , it stated T-1000 , and not T-800 as yours....Hmmm...interesting

Cinema Replicas, I believe , did put out a small limited run on these , maybe , they were not licensed ....HMMMM...........cant be sure....but HCG...might have came in and taken over the rights to make them and could have taken a while to make necessary changes to the CPU chip and housing....that's my assumption , and only my opinion...I could be very wrong
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I appreciate all the help. I have been told that this is real and that Cinema Replicas started to put out 20 of these but never happened.

When a person saw my posts on other boards he told me this is a Grail prop and incredibly rare. Weather this is true or not it has

always been a nice piece in my collection.



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I want to say , I agree....I however believe , they put out some to the public though , very small run....either way....congrats..it was the first , of its kind (y)cool


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I think you're not correct.
In fact, it is Timeless Collectibles company who was supposed to realize that replica. But it was never released due to the misprinted plaque (the T1000 CPU instead of T800 story). So I believe there is only the Timeless Collectibles prototype with the T1000 CPU plaque...and maybe some people were lucky to put their hands on some unnumbered pieces of this replica !!! Then Cinema Replicas (or Crazy Replicas) acquired the remaining stock from Timeless and sold the chips on their own...with correct T800 inscription.
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