Terminator 2: T-1000 bust

Am still working out all the making of pics and will definately post more, but here's the result of my lifesize T-1000 bust in default form which I built last summer. I wanted a default form of the T-1000 with facial features of Robert Patrick. Bought a lifecast of his face and the base of the T-800 Endo arm and made this bust:

There's some reflection of the chrome:

And side to side to a Sideshow T-800 Endoskeleton:

Thanks to HollywoodHardware for all the help and advice!
Thanks. Was actually going for this look however since the bust did not have any hair and I'm not a (hair) sculptor, I decided to leave him bald.
So I did want some facial features of Robert Patrick to have him recognizable as the T-1000. But yes, really really default would be featureless and faceless like this:
Here is the promised making of:

Terminator 2: T-1000 bust

A special thanks to Thomas Tewoort of Prop-Doc for all the advice and to my father for some help. I really appreciate it!

I always wanted a lifesize T-1000 (default form) next to my lifesize T-800 bust. It would a really default form but I still wanted Robert Patrick's (actor playing T-1000) look in it. Terminator 2 has the best Terminators of the whole franchise. Unfortunately no bust has ever been released.

Via Ebay I got my hands on a casting of Robert Patrick from T2. Unfortunately this head had a lot of pinholes., which meant a lot of sanding (and possible removing some details). As this was to be a Terminator in default form, losing details was not important as long as Robert Patrick's outlines were still recognizable.

Also on Ebay I bought a base that is normally used for a lifesize arm. This would be a perfect base for this head. The whole thing is to be painted chrome (or perhaps the base more aluminun/silver and the head chrome, the T2 plague chrome with black background).

Filled the head with foam.

A test of the idea:

However, compared to the T-800, it is too big:

So I removed a layer of the base:

That's better:

Like said, there were a lot of pinholes on the head which needed to be sanded.

For better rooting of the head in the base, I filled a pvc pipe with gypsum.

And then stuck the pipe in the back of the head:

Sanding. Sanding. And more sanding. Weeks of sanding. Slowly most of the pinholes disappeared. However the resin was getting thin on some portions:

I had to recreate the left ear as during the casting it was filled with a plug.


Filled the base with some cups to provide support to hold the head while the gypsum would harden.

I used epoxy sculpt for a smooth transition of the head to the base, so it looks like the head morphs from the base or that the base is part of the head/T-1000.

Then the paintjob. Together with sanding the pinholes this would either make or break the project. Some high gloss black paint before putting a chrome finish on it. After this black paint I could even see my reflection on the head. This looked good.

I used C-1 Metalizer powder to give it a chrome look. Keep it in mind that these pics were taken outside right after putting the powder on it. The sun was shinning so the reflection on the head was very good while taking these pictures.