Terminator 2 Life-sized Bust


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I'm beginning to create my own bust using photos as reference. I based the size on my own head and tried to calculate his facial landmarks from photos. This is still work in progress. I have not been faithful to the original, to the disgust of many fans :). I decided to try and sculpt Arnies whole head with Monsterclay, before carving away the face for the mechanical pieces. This was my first portrait sculpt I've ever done. I decided to take on how to sculpt during lockdown last year, to learn anatomy to support my painting, but fell in love with it and haven't painted since :D. I molded and cast him using plaster and painted to look like a bronze statue. The base has not been finished. Some of the mechanical pieces are made from scrap parts I found around the house. and painted gray so I could see it better in context, especially when I look at it via a black and white pic. I will post my progression for anyone interested.


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