Terminator 2 Costume help


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Hello Forum,

I'm in need of some help from the experts. I'm putting together a T2 costume and I am in need of some help identifying what type/style of clothing was used in the opening scene in T2? in particular the grey/black shirt, motorcyle leather pants, and leater boots the Terminator took from the biker in the bar scene.

Thanks in advance :thumbsup


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The tshirt is a grey hanes tshirt. Black leather pants with a straight leg (you can find these cheap on eBay) and the boots are Harley Davidson Engineer boots (you can find these cheap on eBay too).


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I have most of the costume together, waiting on a couple items to be shipped :) Any ideas on where I can find a decent wig? My other option is a endo skull head prosthetic, I have the one for the side of the face on order.
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