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Terminator 2 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) Shirt

Guardian Devil

Sr Member
I'm very pleased to showcase my newest addition, one of Arnie's grey t-shirts from Terminator 2. I love T2 and was thrilled to get my hands on this item and just wanted to show off how the display was progressing!






More pictures can be seen here:
Archive of Screen Used Riddick Costumes and Props :: Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) Screen Used Grey t shirt

Guardian Devil

Sr Member
It is indeed. The accompanying LoA (aswell as the CoA from The Propstore f London) states that they were added to these shirts to make them easier to take on and off where prosthetics had been applied to ensure no damage came to them.
This one is thought to have been used during the scene where Sarah & John Connor disable the Terminator to remove the chip from his head and reset him

Guardian Devil

Sr Member
Just a little update - I've added a title plaque below the images to make it look a little better.
I'm also going to to add one of T2FS's fantastic grenade belts to it to make the display look more impressive

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