Tenth Doctor Blue Suit Fabric?


Hi folks!

I'm currently enveloped in getting myself a screen-accurate blue suit. I know that at this point, probably the best (and easiest) option would be to either just buy the Magnoli suit, or buy his fabric and send it to Baron for the tailoring.

However, Indy's blue fabric is currently out of stock until June-ish, plus at $60/yard, it is above my budget at this point.

So! I've been doing a ton of research and am currently waiting for some swatches from Spoonflower to arrive and see how they look.

But I'm curious if anyone (besides Steve Ricks, since I live in the US) has ever found a usable fabric in a store somewhere? Like Joanns or another type of fabric place. Obviously if I could find something there, overdye it, then send it to Baron, that would likely be the most cost effective option.
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