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Trying to ID the Tenet Oxygen mask.


The product image for the HD HOUDELL mask matches really well but when I order the large and Xlarge version from Amazon a few details varied from the product photos.

ON amazon-


The Xlarge I received is close but several details don't match the product photo-

I'm thinking about checking out this mask which according to the product photo essentially looks identical to the "HD Houdell"


Slightly afraid to waste another 10 bucks though.



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Bought the second mask. I'm working on a couple of Tenet props. I have a few copies of
Neil's backpack charm
. If anyone wants to make one; it's made from a 1943 British India 1 Pice coin and some sacred Hindu thread known as Mauli Kalawa. Although unless anyone gets really close, you can probably get by with any year number on the coin. I have 3 extra completed charms if anyone wants one.

Anyone have any info on the oxygen cannister connected to the mask?
**Spoiler warning** and info dump:

By the way, there are a couple different oxygen masks! From later in the film this is the best I've found:

There's two oxygen canisters too. The one when the Protagonist is first inverted they give him a large oxygen tank

The one used in the final battle appears to be a double magazine pouch with 2 small gas (blue or turquoise) canisters with some kind of connector joining them. I'll try to get some better screen caps later and edit this post.

The closest I found was a Flyye 2 mag pouch I believe? Can't find it now. The Neil's backpack is also a Flyye (or eagle industries) MAP/Molle backpack - which are knockoffs of another brand from what I read.

Also another mask worn in the Stalsk battle are MIRA Safety "CM-6M no drinking system variant" Here's a pic of a production used one that was posted on reddit and the stock photo of one:

gregday I'll send a PM about one of those charms in a bit :)
Thanks for the O2 tank info. I think the larger one from earlier in the film would be the one I'm going for. Sent you a PM with charm info.
So I haven’t tracked down the exact one yet, but I feel like the oxygen tank is an airbag refill canister. Here are some examples:


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Alright, I’m pretty sure the oxygen tank base is a Snowpulse avalanche airbag canister. The holster should be simple enough to make. I’m just now sure about the black cap on the top.


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I think it is one of those! I recall reading on another site that it was a helmet with rivets removed as well. Nice find!

It's kind of hard to tell the exact model with some of this gear because there's a lot of slight knockoffs of originals on the tactical gear market.


Seems like some kind of brass pneumatic converter or coupler? The clear tubing looks like the ones that came with the medical oxygen masks to me.

Then it transitions to the military style air canisters again:

(rewatching the sequence closely shows a lot of the gear moves around slightly too - probably for mobility in the fight)

Gah! Might have to go buy the 4k copy now!
Some people have been assuming the small piece on top of the 241 is a hex nut, but HD caps show the locking mechanism in greater detail.


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And I’d bet the underside has the negative of that mechanism for attaching it to the other sections.


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It looks like some weird twist lock coupler? That's such an odd looking key mechanism... not even sure where to start searching for something like that.
Got a couple of the Large size masks in finally and they are a match to the Tallinn scene. I did have to shorted the tube a bit because I plan to connect it to an air supply, but that's easy enough with some clear heat shrink tubing.
Still feeling pretty good about the Snowpulse 207 bar canister for an air tank. I need to Goo Gone the sticker residue, remove the gauge, and figure out how to actually empty this cartridge. I’m just not comfortable putting a mask on my face connected to 3200psi compressed air.


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Got the rest of the sticker residue off the tank and made up a little holster for it. I’m not entirely convinced this was the screen used source. It seems just a hair too tall and thin. Now I’m wondering if they used something as simple as a narrow aluminum water bottle. It would explain the black cap; a separate part to add hose connectors.

In any case, I am happy with how mine turned out. I want to black the head cap (plasti dip?) and remove the gauge, but first I have to figure out how to safely empty the darn thing.

uh, anyone have a Snowpulse airbag they’d let me borrow for a day?


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Safely emptied the canister using a vise and a couple of wrenches. Sawed off the pressure gauge, gave the whole surface a good once over with some steel polish, and blackened the head. All that’s left is to add a belt clip. Really pleased with how this turned out.


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Finally got my 241 piece finished. It’s a solid block of carved aluminum and weighs nearly 5 lbs.


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