Tekkaman Evil 1:1 Helmet.


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Hi guys so i am on a roll from my Tekkaman Blade helmet i have got Spiel to start modeling Tekkaman Blades evil twin brother Tekkaman Evil. After a few hours this is what Spiel has done for me.

So just got and email from Spiel over at Armory Shop of the Teekaman Evil helmet and he is flying through the build.

Armory Sho[.png

Here is an update from Spiel over at Armory Shop.I am over the moon with the progress and loving it more and more.


- - - Updated - - -

Here are some more pics.

It is going to be 3d printed and i will be finishing it off. Then molding and making a small run of them.
Keeping an eye on this and the other two. Looks great so far. I was always a fan since it first aired when I was younger.
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So i got the files from Spiel over at Armory Shop today there is a lot of parts to it. i have a feeling my 3d printer mate is going to hate me after this one ha ha ha.

So my mate is starting to print the helmet this week. I am getting a little excited to get it and see it next to my Tekkaman Blade helmet.

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