teenage mutant ninja turtle mikey 2014 movie version, michelangelo

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    edit....finish pics
    12800169_169778316743330_6473706217886159287_n.jpg 12821442_10153896515737180_4800693345523959501_n.jpg IMG_20160304_172441.jpg

    hey everybody,
    heres the start of my turtle costume i'm aiming for mikey from the 2014 movie
    i know its not a 100% accurate turtle shell but i kinda just winged it i first tried dremeling the rings on the shell but i didnt like the look so i decided to go for the layered look instead
    IMG_20150825_162339.jpg IMG_20150825_160331.jpg IMG_20150830_201601.jpg IMG_20150901_220422.jpg

    i've started the muscle suit and hands
    IMG_20150829_145645.jpg IMG_20150829_145629.jpg IMG_20150829_145610.jpg


    if i coat the top(muscle suit) in liquid latex would that work to give the rubber type look?
    or if anyone knows of anyone selling one please let me know :)
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    I've latexed the fingers and painted them

    IMG_20150916_214440.jpg IMG_20150918_172851.jpg

    and started latexing the muscle suit

    and also stared the head

    IMG_20150920_200317.jpg IMG_20150920_205432.jpg IMG_20150924_201631.jpg IMG_20150927_190050.jpg IMG_20150924_222105.jpg IMG_20150927_101214.jpg IMG_20150927_101230.jpg

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    does any body know what brand mikey's hoodie is?
    it looks like its some sort of surfer logo (blue wave perhaps??)

    i've purchased some black high tops from ebay for £5, the shoes are not the same as these (Fila M Squad trainers) because they would be too expensive to cut up with prices ranging fom £30-£70, so im going top paint them and add orange fabric to match the 'M'
    mikey shoe 2.jpg mikey shoe.png

    offical fila ones
    ones i bought

    i also noticed that the wrist bandages are different colours, ones white and ones more beige but i found this art on the net where the beige is replace with orange which i really like so will prob go for that

    dfd.jpg tumblr_inline_nc42nu07J31qk9kf1.png

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    the shells painted
    just got to add the graffitti on the back, does anyone know what the symbol is?

    shell grafitti (1).jpg shell grafitti (2).jpg shell grafitti (3).jpg shell grafitti (4).png

    added some japanes symbols
    IMG_20151001_211309.jpg IMG_20151001_211316.jpg

    IMG_20151001_211340.jpg turtles2.jpg
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    just a bit of a update
    got the bottom half going......

    i bought some thermal trousers and latex one leg from just above the knee, and the other one on the calve muscle for where theres a rip it leaves abit of skin exposed
    i bought some cycling trousers (£10) to go over the top as this was much cheaper than buying a diving suit to just cut up as on ebay there about £90

    SAM_4610.JPG SAM_4617.JPG

    a quick test, to see what it looks like

    IMG_20151002_174731.jpg IMG_20151002_174757.jpg

    and just statred the trainers
    SAM_4622.JPG SAM_4626.JPG
    i know the glue marks stand out loads but they should disappear once dried

    thanks for looking
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    finally got round to attempt to finish this costume hopefully in time for cardiff comic con in two weeks

    just started on the necklaces....still need the glasses and i need to paint the pendant to stand out abit more

    i made some hand armor???? using foam with coke bottle plastic on the top with some split pins in the corner then some usb cable wire
    IMG_20160221_205507.jpg IMG_20160221_123012.jpg

    the trouser i cheated as i cant afford the dive/wet suit (£200) just to cut up...so i decided to go with some cycling trousers and using foam copy the patches then used orange puff paint for the edging, i think it still need another layer or two.
    IMG_20160220_192140.jpg IMG_20160220_192133.jpg

    the shoes look abit goofy so i will adjust them but just took a few pics and i will pad out around the knees more
    IMG_20160222_180756.jpg IMG_20160222_180751.jpg

    anyways thanks for looking

    edit... re-uploading pics
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    IMG_20160227_223839.jpg IMG_20160228_090550.jpg IMG_20160227_201830.jpg IMG_20160227_193446.jpg

    IMG_20160228_161247.jpg IMG_20160228_161337.jpg

    just a dress rehearsal.
    i still need to....
    latex the neck area up higher,
    paint the left arm tattoo
    paint the shell grafitti
    and purchase.....
    x2 nunchuks
    x1 elbow pad with white strap
    x1 knee military pad

    i know its not as good as what ive seen on here but i am very pleased with it so far as i am not very experienced at costume making and alot of the things i've had to do on this is a first for me.

    thanks for looking
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    This is a really cool build. Nice job man!
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    thank you,

    got to used this at cardiff comic con and the response was overwhelming so pleased with all the compliments
    12814607_10153568381343983_1157041275040091725_n.jpg 12800206_169752290079266_7209026684234226271_n.jpg
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