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teecrooz Sales Thread (a lot of items, look inside!

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Time to de-clutter. I decided to create one thread since I will be listing multiple items. This means you must post here and PM me for the items so I can send payment information. I will entertain US and international sales but you pay shipping either way.

More to be added later, see second post.

-Anakin Starkiller fully finished v2 from the FX run. This was fully finished and painted by Halliwax and includes the fx emitter plate also finished. Real clamp and boot stud. Only selling because I have another one. $850 shipped. I had someone ask me why that amount. It is the saber kit, plus clamp and stud, plus the paint and finishing fee. My price is actually lower than if you were to get it done now and without a wait.

9838C063-D37B-45E2-B50B-694F3B020E5B.jpeg 55B43670-2121-44F8-A821-C181E07B2FB7.jpeg 6F5AE2C1-D93C-49F0-B9B5-D5B06B144029.jpeg 0C13ABA6-3F48-4340-B29B-CDB0D50D3652.jpeg 6F31F370-FF27-42DA-B5C4-77C027E21E81.jpeg

-Sarednab Indiana Jones IMAM Headpiece staff of Ra (cast off original): $225 shipped in the US.
E7E25661-5558-4526-AF69-65D72FA3A08A.jpeg 10BC7481-C378-41A4-BAB7-0D3D7996F778.jpeg B6713E3F-30A6-4502-A148-A82ACC2C8CF2.jpeg

-Bell & Howell camera: $25 plus shipping. Knob and dial can be used for Luke's hero macrobinoculars.

-SolosHold Luke V2 rotj lightsaber: $300 plus shipping. The main parts were run through the dishwasher one time to dull the aluminum.
F420DE07-CFFA-422E-9C8B-B7D555B3F621.jpeg 4E53166A-FEF5-439C-AF75-B6A8377D6713.jpeg

-M-19 Scope. Mount is for an M-38 and the scope doesn’t fit on it, but I figured I’d throw it in instead of throw it away: $800 plus shipping.
22FB3170-A3AF-4A71-9C70-9B6183C32F08.jpeg C9EC5D85-6AEB-4FEE-9C9C-12247116C470.jpeg 58C03414-85A2-43CA-B4B0-D52C9E2F59C1.jpeg E132BCAA-941F-4A55-B3A3-ABB1D672346F.jpeg 72B2C388-71AF-4585-BF0F-D92CE2991575.jpeg 01A90349-9414-4387-A401-8B07708C58D0.jpeg

-Real Thermostat and Slider switch for Snowtrooper Costume, Han lifeform scanner, falcon cockpit, etc.: $750 shipped.
409DDCFC-6DDC-4C10-8988-036CD7D1110A.jpeg ADBEC70A-269B-43F3-903E-95CD0773BB66.jpeg 4CD105F7-D6DF-4419-94B6-9B663F4469CE.jpeg

-Goonies copper bones and coin from relicmaker: $120 plus shipping.

-Maltese Falcon Archer Badge/Wallet: $150 plus shipping.
41CBDA21-F2F4-4C4B-9B3D-CF82BCEE7DBF.jpeg 71C929BD-90DA-4C8F-A048-2D200040ED5B.jpeg D458F26A-F093-45B6-B32C-8A15FE17B866.jpeg

-Original Model 7 4x20 scope: $200 plus shipping.
EC17DF66-E238-4354-BB1B-DA816E3DAD7C.jpeg 702054E5-340A-4DCB-90BC-847976A838C9.jpeg F755DD07-C9C8-46C8-98AC-9D32A6C5D00F.jpeg

-Graflex 2-cell flash in original box
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Post Reserved for Round 2 items. The ones listed without pictures or prices are just things I'm considering and haven't gotten around to taking pictures of.

-MDF (Malone Day Fett) fiberglass PrePro2 Boba Fett helmet. $500
D1EA27F1-B22F-4E71-A142-460F564D7871.jpeg 8D332A06-F435-4A24-A3FF-F4B4F073153B.jpeg 626F3CA8-5410-4ECF-9DE0-12E85FA3AB40.jpeg C7541223-715F-46D7-B6BD-66FE3E1855F1.jpeg 636899B8-6C25-4501-9346-E66422B547BE.jpeg 6D1AEEF1-97A5-4965-927E-7B119D244BAB.jpeg

-RussRep Hales No.3 replicas: $125 each. BLACK FINISH SOLD.

-AS handwheel replicas: Chromed $100 Weathered $75:

-Boosters: Steel RussRep SOLD. Aluminum RussRep $50. FX Roman $35.
F87D12B7-4B73-4103-B9C5-82B3BAEFB9F3.jpeg 404CB703-56A0-4213-996B-A0CDD25076E8.jpeg

-Chromed RussRep balance pipe: $100
B9D62D8D-C7F9-4B18-92CA-C60B9FF42690.jpeg C2F0A2F2-D888-4F3D-B025-79A2B9FD4379.jpeg 6C4DDC35-86D2-43F2-BD11-B9062392058A.jpeg 53DBCCC3-76BC-413E-9088-05B15A90A1B4.jpeg

-Obi-Wan ANH cutaway saber (project) $500 plus shipping.
5A3CA188-B661-44B9-A085-666CBE4D5C96.jpeg A7F762DC-32D6-4E31-8DC0-C67D6883AB8C.jpeg BA1775C4-B57C-41EC-8028-FC77E0884CFD.jpeg 7771ED6F-8239-4C12-A3B4-2C7D1A65F529.jpeg AC5BBC54-8FFE-436B-80A4-843CBEB334C2.jpeg
-NOS Volvo dash panel $200 plus shipping.
098CF8B6-CF47-4F99-A719-F37FB3DA19BC.jpeg D740EC78-C2D9-4D3C-818D-7D383694AFF3.jpeg

-Hot Toys Far From Home Spider-Man figure 1/6. $250.

-DaveP Yuma/ISYHCANL/Hero run kit. Found the missing hero control box, so I increased the price. $350 shipped in the US.

-Captain America Endgame Helmet from Jordan’s Ironic Armory. Size Medium for 23” across the brow. $375 plus shipping.
-Some Hot Toys figures likely (Jawa and Gonk droid, 501st Clone, Rex, Cody, Coruscant Guard, JL Batman, Indian Jones, Marty McFly first release).
-Blitzway 1/6 Venkman

-More as I go through storage.
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