Teecrooz’s Prop Collection: June 13, 2022


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Thank you everyone for the kind words. I do wish many of you were closer. I‘ve only ever had some of the metro Atlanta contingent over. It has certainly been fun to get it sorted out a bit. I still have about half in storage, whether it’s parts for projects in process and even all my MR sabers are packed up.

Red Hawk

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Some quick phone pics. Decided to move things around again and put some more out in the room. I tried a few setups, so things might move between pictures. Built up a few more cases and added lights. I need to swap out the lights in the black detolf. They are all warm LEDs, but those have a green tint that I never liked. I always thought it was because of the glass or that my photography skills are even more lacking than I thought!

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View attachment 1516514
One of my favorite parts of this awesome collection is the organization. My OCD loves it.


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Here are some closer up shots of the shelves.

0A18E626-2958-4AD7-B5B9-52885F359028.jpeg 9BE00BA2-C277-46A1-ACC8-3823D1C08C9E.jpeg E4B9BBFF-6FBE-4755-A3D0-48311FFBD8CE.jpeg 44867DB4-1539-4F89-B5C0-54B77CE80514.jpeg

CB4D3669-9C8C-4051-9441-003BD39BF2CB.jpeg 8288B227-4228-45E5-A4E1-D84C17244F9B.jpeg 3F8A4C95-1786-41B2-8DA7-F2D7C90DC63C.jpeg CC510CF9-C994-4A73-8E05-A2D8421EEB92.jpeg

FEE9412A-18AF-4021-ADB5-6AF6AADC9B67.jpeg 2B174A14-92CE-44CC-93B9-C7FBD715662A.jpeg 9A0B74E5-2BD9-4A37-9BAC-B9C9E7007ECA.jpeg C5DBAA46-F502-43A5-A808-D768B12C5F37.jpeg

BB67086B-2C43-42FE-98C3-CD461CB3BC69.jpeg 9215355F-C8E7-4CF2-9624-1123DEB48879.jpeg C1D8157E-D791-40E7-8863-306A2223C73F.jpeg
6B32CDB7-4FC8-4901-B418-05736DE8A272.jpeg F68F2702-847A-41E0-8200-D21718737CE4.jpeg

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