[Team Fortress 2] Scout Replica Costume

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This is the first thread I've ever done. I've been on this forum many times before, mainly for the BTTF stuff, and know how the RPF works. This summer Comic Con is here in Denver and I would like to be the Scout from TF2. I would like some ideas for this costume, stuff like where to get a cheap dark grey tracksuit pants, or a black speaker bag. Any suggestions would help a ton. I am aware that i could commission some one to build me something, so on that note i would like to commission someone to build me a 1:1 scale replica of the Scouts primary weapon the Scatter Gun. I would like it to be something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlVbqkR-e2E with the magnets and everything, if you want to go the extra mile you could even put the gun sound effects in whenever you pull the trigger. I would like this to be of high quality like in the video above. I'm looking to spend somewhere around $60 to $80 for this commission. Like i said above this is my first thread and any suggestions would help a lot, Thanks. Here is a picture reference to the Scout http://tf2wiki.net/w/images/c/c9/Scouttaunt3.PNG and the Scatter Gun http://www.tfportal.de/gfx/items/large/scattergun.png

- - - Updated - - -

Update #1

After doing a little research, I found out that the scout wears a Black Cadet hat. I found this at Walmart for $10, this was the closest thing I could find to the actual in-game hat.

2015-02-01 016.JPG 2015-02-01 017.JPG

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Hey! I cosplayed Scout for the first time last year a LOT and he'll be making a come back this year! I'll give you my tips for how I made Scout! (I'm in the UK so you will have to search all these on the american version of the site :/)

Head: So you already have the hat, that's good! Now for the headset, you are gonna have to get a pair of cheap xbox headphones like these
Break of the small pad on the side and the mic and keep them and then get these ear defenders
http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ear-Defen...t=LH_DefaultDomain_3&var=&hash=item27ea854b01 and break the right ear off. Mask the parts of the ear defenders you don't want to turn orange and spray the main part with orange spray paint. Let it dry and to do some touch ups so that it looks neat and tidy, use a black sharpie/permanent marker. Then it's just a matter of spray painting/covering other black parts with black tape or anything you can find. Then drill a hole through the pivot part of the micro and drill a small hole in the middle of the left ear defender and add a screw so the mic can rotate

Body: Find a short sleeved round neck tee and roll up the sleeves a few times and sew a little bit just to keep it in place. Try to get a baggy tee so you can tuck it down your trousers and then puff them out.
Get a pair of dogtags of ebay, simple as that
For the hands, get some boxing wraps. I tried it with cotton bandages and while they did look good, they got really dirty really quickly, got all weirdly tangled and auuuugh, just you the boxing wraps. They stay on better and are easiler to maintain
http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Boxing-Ha...814?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item259531401e or http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-Pair-Bo...470?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item417db5febe (second ones are better as they have a velcro strap so they wont go anywhere)
Bag: Get a guitar strap and a black gym bag from american appareal like this one
remove the gray straps and see the small black tags at the end of each zip, cut on end of each and fed the black square from the square strap through and then sew again (I'll upload a picture of what I mean later when I'm out of school)

Legs: The belt is just a plain black canvas belt
The trousers I used are khaki coloured sweatpants, they'r ethe closest colour to scout's actual colour also the sweatpants are easier to use and look more like scouts rather than jeans. Check your local sports shop, that's where I got mines! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BNWT-Holl...Domain_3&var=510634372215&hash=item4ae8a2ad17 (ones like this colour)
The socks are just plain football/soccer socks you can pick up anywhere
For the shoes, you can get black adidas taekwondo shoes and remove one of the stripes and then colour any other parts you want white with black shoe polish
or if they don't have your size and they are too expensive you can get these shoes, paint them black with black shoe polish/black leather paint then use white tape for the stripes or spray paint or plastidip because white shoe polish will be ineffective and acrylic paint will just fall off.

The metal bat i used was just a cheap plastic one i got from poundland so it's just a matter of looking in local shops. If you want to make any weapons, there are plenty of tutorials online that you can just even look at and modify to fit the shape and style of the gun you are trying to make. If it's like a pistol, you can try to make it out of foam because some conventions are really strict with props. You could even find foam guns somewhere on the internet I'm sure. I've seen one cosplayer with them

Hope this helps!


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Update #2

Its been awhile since my last update, since then I've gotten more stuff for the replica Scout costume build.

I got a red Fruit of the Loom t-shirt, which I'm still debating about, the shirt the Scout wears is light red.

Then got grey Fruit of the Loom sweat pants, yes I know grey is the wrong color, but your not going to find taupe/clay colored sweat pants anywhere.

Also found a pair of knee high/sport socks from Big 5 for around $10

Some time soon I will post pictures of the Adidas Daily Vulc shoes I recently got, they will do, not the most accurate to the Scout but close enough.

A HUGE thanks to brokenhyperlink for the help and ideas to make this replica costume; above and beyond my expectations for a reply. You don't know how much this has helped me. I hope to hear more tips from you soon.

Again, any tips or people who would like to take my commission request would help a ton.

More updates will be out soon.

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Hey again! I'm so sorry I haven't seen this sooner, I for some reason didn't get a notification for the mention :S Or maybe I did and deleted it by accident. Anyway, I'm glad that your scout cosplay is coming along. I can't see the attachments but I'm sure it's looking good. I understand the trouser problem. It was fairly hard to get the ones I use. I would recommend trying to make your own gun if you're good with arts and crafts stuff like me. Even if you aren't good you could make the pistols/buy them.

I was Belfast Comic Con 2 weeks ago and another Scout had a Frying Pan :lol Even better, a Fem!Heavy had a Golden Frying Pan. Try to even go for the more obsure weapons if you don't get a gun commissioned on time like the giant candy cane or even the Holy Mackerel. They just give your hands something to do and will look better in photos. Also you could try to make a can of Bonk! Just get a can of Monster or Red Bull (One that is quite big) and print the label off

Here are some good one. You can make the purple crit-a-cola version too if you're up for it. http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2..._warning_red__by_thecrimsonloomis-d6ph7h8.png
Just make sure you measure the area you need to cover and change it on say Microsoft word to fit the can proper by using the measurements up in the corner e.g. If the height is 10 cm, scale the picture to 10cm tall and print it then. I

f I could I would make the gun for you but I would probably still have exams by the time of the convention and also I haven't made it yet so I wouldn't know if I could make it well enough. Here is an excellent example/tutorial of one if you are brave enough to make it


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I've been putting lots of costumes together. And I got millions of other ideas in my head. The madness!
Anyways, I saw this thread and couldn't resist chiming in. I had some ideas to consider. Im also getting the Scout cosplay.

Sweatpants are good. I would get a pair in black. It might not be accurate but the game is stylized and cartoony. So the real life equivalent will be inaccurate. But not impossible to find something close.

I would go onto Google images and see the pictures of Scout in many costume pieces. Players usually dress characters in crazy costumes. I saw a Scout with flip flops. Chuck taylors. And another one with football cleats.

Optional. For me, I would go with a fancy hat besides the default cadet hat he wears. Players have a choice of a variety of hats.

There's alot of choice on costume pieces, but its up to you. This want to steal any thunder, but to be taken and used as an aid for the cosplayer on a budget

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Much needed update will come soon about my finished costume, pictures and info.
For now I would like to start on finding, or making an accurate headset piece.
Here is a pretty good reference picture. Thoughts? 3445_Main.png


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Try looking at stores like army surplus stores or harbor freight. I have seen similiar head sets at army surplus stores but you might have to do some painting since they tend to be green or camo.
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