TE Sandtrooper


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Now that's a suit to make Braks cry :D

You're one of the few people to bother adding the strips to the back of the thighs. Great attention to detail :thumbsup

Luke Warmwater

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Originally posted by Star Wars Man@Mar 14 2006, 01:54 AM
nice, i would go a little more dirty, and a little darker but i like how u got the dirt into the creases and crevises that it would really get into in real life.

looks like real dirt, not paint.

(dont listen to me, i find imperfections in everything.)
I'm not listening to you. :p

Mike is the definitive sandtrooper. I guarantee you that every speck of dirt matches the move along guy. He even has simulated paint chips showing HDPE on the helmet.

Makes me proud to be in the Old Line Garrison.


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Truth be told, TK409, Brak's and Seeker were my main influences to making this possible. I drooled over Brak's stuff for a long time and the first time I saw Seeker's Sandtrooper, I about messed my pants. They were all a standard to work up to and should still be commended.


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Looks great, made me start wanting to put my TE suit together, looking forward to the updates on you site, which is very nice.