TDKR Bane Pants?


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Hello all. I'm curious if anyone has any recommendations for some fairly-accurate TDKR Bane Pants? I'd be highly appreciative!
I'm kinda casting a wide net right now. I know the movie was like 10 years ago, but no one that I've found makes any decent Bane parts anyone other than Ministry of Masks.

Looking for decent:

1) Boots
2) Pants
3) Vest

At this point, guess I'll have to learn to sew myself
Hey there! For the pants, Tom Hardy (Bane) is seen wearing the rare piece of military clothing made by Crye Precision, which is their GEN1 Combat Pants likely in washed black with black 500D (Denier) Cordura reinforcement around the knees and on the ankles that has the open zip feature for the boots, and it’s made around 2009, until it was discontinued likely around 2012 as its replaced by the GEN2s (also discontinued, you might find one on EBay, pretty rare), GEN3s, until GEN4s with the VTX Ripstop fabric.

I don’t know what pants would I have to recommend to you, but my best bet would be some Kitanica GEN2 pants (discontinued) knockoff on Amazon, which is the ZAPT pant, although they look pretty close to the Crye G1 pant, it lacks the “waste management” zipper (that long zipper that goes all around from underneath your crotch to your buttocks so you have to do your thing without taking off your pants), and it is knee pad compatible, except that it’s internal only, so you’ll have to do a Crye kneepad mod on it (wouldn’t recommend it for beginners), which I have a link for.

Bane’s pants (No solid color, but this is the same pant, but in prototype MultiCam, courtesy to TheFull9)

ZAPT Pants -
Crye kneepad mod on pants - Crye Kneepad Mod, by Sisu Milsim

In order to get that worn through look of the pants like what Bane does, you could have them washed multiple times in the washing machine, without the use of bleach or fabric softeners as it would damage the velcro and cause discoloration on the fabric, and sewing on some black extra ripstop fabric on the knee area and around the ankle area, and since it’s still possible to find some Crye kneepads online, don’t go for their official website as you’re gonna be screwed in waiting for more than a year for their order to arrive, best to find one secondhand on EBay, in black.

For the boots, he seems to be wearing some jungle style boots with steel inserts to make him appear taller than Batman (as Christian Bale is taller than Tom Hardy), which I honestly wouldn’t recommend going for the cheap one like the Rothco as it’s a cheap knockoff and would make your life miserable, and noticing that they appear to be suede type (I could be wrong, anyone can correct me for it), go for the Altama Pro-X if you got extra dime for quality pair, since it doesn’t look like his boots have steel grommet holes for ventilation and way for the water to come out, and if you couldn’t, the PX 10.5 is also another good option, best to get them in coyote since they can look more worn in as well, as they appear black in the movie but the outer layer of the leather fabric has worn off, making it look like coyote brown in different lighting, and he has some extra straps around the boots, so I’m not entirely sure where to start in finding them.

Bane’s boots -

Altama Pro-X Boots - Pro-X
Altama PX 10.5 Boots - Jungle PX 10.5"

As for the vest/body armor, I’ve found one today, thanks to someone’s post about it, though this one is about $750, not sure if you’re able to even get ahold of one that’s thrice the price of a pair of the Crye Precision G3 combat shirt and pants that are around the $200 price range. That’s all I can share for now, cheers! ;)

Bane’s vest - TDKR Bane Vest Replica | SiQ Clothing
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What about the brown sweater and black muscle shirt wore at the beginning and end of the film? Been looking for it for a white

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