TDK Joker waist coat and shoes


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Putting together a TDK Joker costume with intention to make it into a full size display with head as accurate as I can get hold of.
My question is the buttons on the waist coat in some scenes they are all plain but some show the first and second being a daisy button and a gold dime. What's right?
And secondly the shoe across the toe cap is it stitches or holes like the sides?


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Think you can buy the button from here:


You'll have to distress it to make it look white. :thumbsup


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Anyone know if the shoes were custom or are they a current style available even vintage
or if there are a good base shoe out there to customise ?


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Just got three flower buttons in yellow may paint or cast in white resin is the white got dark distressing or just the dime painted gold and antiqued ?
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