TDK Joker knife lucky find


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So about two years ago a phone tech was doing some install work for me. About two days latter I went in the room where the tech was working in and found a knife. Well about two weeks ago I was watching TDK again and saw the joker knife and I realized I had that knife !!! Mine has a serated edge but hey its close enough.
I found the same knife at a flea market a couple years ago. I paid $30 for it because I had never seen one locally and the woman only had one left. Pretty hefty, and it makes a very satisfying CLINK when you open it. I'm kinda of wary about actually carrying it around and using it now because the blade is kind of wobbly and there is no locking mechanism, and if it were to accidentally go off in my pocket or something, blood would be drawn. A lot of it.

Cupid 2.0 out the front automatic knife

I don't recall any markings or brand name on mine, so I can't say whether or not this is the exact model, but it looks the same.
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