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Discussion in 'DC Costumes and Props' started by dobbo049, Jan 2, 2012.

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    Hello everyone,
    I'm new here and this is my first post, yaay :)

    Firstly I want to say I appreciate that this topic has probably been made stacks of times here and I wanted to first apologise for doing it again, I didn't really want to dig up an old topic. But don't worry I have been doing my research and reading through them. So please don't refer me to the "search" box.

    I was at a pretty big party on new years and it was fancy dress hero's and villains, unfortunately I didn't know I was going until last minute and didn't have time to get a costume set up, however I did do some last minute research and thought that if I had the time it would have been awesome to go as heath ledger's joker.

    So I decided that for this year I would like to put together a costume for Halloween and just generally any other costume party where I could get away with wearing it.

    For this reason I want to get the best quality pieces I can find but keeping the price down as much as possible.
    In an ideal world I would buy everything from Magnoli, but I cant afford to spend almost $2000 on a occasional party costume.

    So that's why I'm here. I've been looking around the threads at all your costumes and I want your advice, I've found lots of different websites with different options but I need personal opinions, a lot of the ones I have found don't look anywhere near dark enough to me but this might just be because of the flash and lighting situations used. I don't want it to be "too bright". To be honest i'm less concerned about minor details like the pocket being slightly too low, and more concerned about the colour, I've seen some very bright images or vest and coats, and I would prefer it darker like in the movie.

    I'm going to list some suggestions, and It would be great if anyone who has either seen or owned any of these items to either post picture of let me know what they are like and how you think they compare.

    Any other suggestions would also be great.

    Hexagon Shirt.
    As for the shirt, the best priced one I could find was this. They do a custom fit too but the Large would fit me perfectly. Any info on it or any others you recommend would be much appreciated.
    Batman Dark Knight Joker Hexagon Shirt Size(M/L/XL) - $50.00 : joker shirt

    Green Waistcoat.
    Again, same site, this ones custom made at only $60, so seems very cheep and unlike most I have seen its seems to be a nice dark colour.
    Batman Dark Knight Joker Vest Custom-made - $60.00 : joker shirt

    This I'm not overly concerned about unless I can get it on the cheap, I have a jack wills blazer in a very dark navy blue/purple. This should do. Only real one I've found is Magnoli and might be a future options but too much for now.
    Joker Blazer

    As for trousers again, joker-shirt seemed to have a good deal, but i've absolutely no idea on the quality and am not totally confident on the colour, but might be a lighting issue. Could really do with some suggestions on this one. Any advice would really be appreciated.
    Batman Dark Knight Joker Pants - $50.00 : joker shirt

    One of the cheapest ties I found was Utopia base. It looks fairly accurate. Again, in an ideal world id love Magnoli's but if I can save $42 on something like that I would. Other suggestions and advice are welcome.
    JOKER TIE NECKTIE * free shipping - The Dark Knight - Movie Themes

    I've read I can get the actual real ones of these from Tabio, so I could go that, I think ones on joker-shirt are Tabio, might be cheaper to order them together with other stuff. Again . . . Advice
    JOKER SOCKS (M) Tabio Online Socks and Tights Speciality Store
    Batman The Dark Knight Joker Socks - $30.00 : joker shirt

    Only ones ive been able to find of any decent quality are Magnoli's. Advice?
    Joker Gloves

    Again, another one of these thing I wont bother with for now but it seems the only option is Magnoli anyway.
    Joker Suspenders by Magnoli Clothiers

    Again, maybe a future investment, not really bothered for now unless I can get any cheap suggestions.

    Trench Coat
    This is the big one, this is the main thing I want to get right because its the main thing on show, its also the most expensive whatever I do. Colour is my biggest issue, and a decent material, I'm not too worried about buttons and pockets, I can change them if need be. I think its fairly obvious the best one out there is Magnoli's. By far it looks the best quality and most accurate.
    Joker Coat

    Ive herd some good things about barron boutique, for me, personally, it looks wayy too light, but again that may be the photos, I need personal reviews on this one.
    Dark Night Joker Long Coat Pictures

    One of the cheaper options appears to be back at joker-shirt, again I need reviews on this one, still looks quite light. They also make it custom.
    Batman Dark Knight Joker Purple Trench Coat Custom-made - $108.00 : joker shirt

    Last options is Utoipa base
    wool Purple Trench Coat JOKER Dark Knight *FREE SHIPPING - The Dark Knight - Movie Themes

    I need all the advice on the coat that I can get, I want to get it right, but if I can save $200 on it, I will.

    Thanks for staying with me n reading though, like I said any suggestions at all would be great.

    Thanks :)
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    i say go for the cheaper trench coat wool is expencive but the coat is not worth 600 dollars the rest are good to go hope i could help oh and for the scars use sacar wax not premade scar wax u can find tuturials on here for that
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    Thank you, I'm not too worried about the make up, I think I've got that sorted, I've used mehron wax/putty before and that's done a pretty good job in the past so ill probably use that.
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    Have a look at the Joker coats that BaronBoutique does. I know they get good reviews and cheaper than the price you mentioned
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    yeh that was one of the ones I listed, little concerned that for me, personally, it looks way too light, but it may just be the lighting conditions, so if anyone had any photos of their own I would really appreciate seeing them.
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    Going back to the coat, I've just noticed that joker-shirt do two version, anyone know the differance? Also on the home page it says they're made from wool, on the item page it says cotton?
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    Hello. I also am pretty new and am trying to work my way up to the minimum amount of posts before I'm bumped up to a main member status so from a newby to a newby - welcome!

    As a new member, I haven't had near the chance yet to delve deep into the archives of this massively impressive forum, so anyone with more experience and knowledge, if what I'm about to link to has been widely shunned or dumb, let me know:

    Here's something to check out: Heath Ledger Joker Jacket Replica | The Movie Shop

    I'm an Indiana Jones collector mostly, so this site doesn't strike my fancy for that particular area, but for the Joker the quality may fare much better. I haven't heard too many good things about them Indy-wise for clothing, etc. but, again, haven't heard anything other than the connection between the site and Indy so more advice, suggestions, experiences, etc. by those who've done business with TheMovieShop would be great.

    Just a suggestion on another source for your costume. :)
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    Hey webley, welcome!! :D

    And thanks For the reply, judging from the white buttons And a couple of other things I think this is the utopiabase jacket. I think there are better ones out there for my money but it is still an option. Thanks :)
  9. Webley

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    And no problem. I don't know that much or have focused that much on the Joker costume (although, if I could pull off the look, it's a SWEEEET costume) so just thought I'd throw that link out there.

    I'm interested to know what "utopiabase" means as far as the jacket goes? Are there two types of jackets or is there another meaning to that term? Again - don't know much and just trying to expand my knowledge. This is all new to me (for the Batman costume stuff). :)
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    There are several different makers of the jacket, utopiabase make lots of fairly good costume replicas for several films, even Indiana jones, you might find it worth checking out.

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    Check my Joker Cosplay Thread.

    My complete near accurate cosplay cost me under $30.

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