TDK First Build


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Hi Guys - long time lurker and I've dabbled in various costume projects before, but nothing since I found the delights that this forum has to offer.....

Anyways I after seeing Omel and Chimmera30's efforts I knew I couldn't use the fact I was broke as an excuse any longer... so here are the progress pics of my TDK build - mostly foam camping mats and some cardboard for the armour, the cowl is duct tape / card - I was aiming for Halloween this year, but a particularly vicious bout of man flu made that impossible, at least I have plenty of time for next year now :)

Foam Armour and First Duct Tape cowl.....


Didn't like the cowl so have binned that and started again with a modroc bass and putty for features:


Then finally got round to shoving some paint on the thing.... Undersuit incidentally is an EDZ thermal jobbie from my bike riding days:

Feel free to criticise etc :) I know it's not screen accurate, but worth a go :)

ps. Leave the love handles alone :p
Thanks guys, hopefully won't be too long before I have something more to show - I have an old pair of curtains that are looking pretty good for a cape right now, just hope the Mrs. doesn't notice they're gone......
bravo!!(y)thumbsup:thumbsup, your cowl is shaping up to be an awesome piece,the suit is coming along great as well, keep everyone posted on your progress....and yep...lack of funds brings out the creative juices in everyone:lol, i raided the storage room a number of times to get old stuff (read: junk:lol) that can be utilized..
hey buddy can i ask where you got your foam templates i need the batman ones for a costume im starting its not batman but im using his suit ?
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