TDK costume dye sublimation project


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Hi all, so I have been playing around with the idea of doing a dye sublimation costume for TDK batman as I have not seen one done before. After looking at alot of pictures of the costume, I started creating this:

I know that I still have alot of work to do, and I don't even know if it works or not, so please comment, advise or even take the picture and adjust as you think it needs to be done. If you have done one then please feel free to share it on here.

I got the mesh background completed and added some depth to it.


The armor still needs some work to it


So that's all I have so far, and this would be around a days worth of work so far. Feel free to rip the idea to shreds if you like, all opinions are welcome so thanks for looking.


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The pics are showing on my screen? don't know why you carn't see them?
Dye sublimation is how they created the spiderman costumes.


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Looking good, especially the mesh background....very nice.

I'll keep an eye on this and looking forward to seeing the prints ;)


very cool! I think some built in shading or color gradation would make the fnished print work better as a finished costume. Have you thought about how you want to finish it? Consder quilting with a 1\4" or 3\8" foam from behind. Done right, it can lend some dimensionality to the suit...


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Yes I think that the finished costume would need to be bulked up from inside, just to highlight the armor parts. Will use some shadow on the print to try and raise those parts aswell.
Still lots to do :) but having fun!


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got some more work done on this today and here is where im at:



re-done most of the armor again and added some depth to it. Still working on it and still some work to do, also changed the mesh background to a darker version.


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Looking much better. Are you going to make the mesh follow the muscle contours ?

I don't know yet, I removed the muscle layers from the file I'm working on. I don't think they will work with this concept, but I may be wrong about that. Might try and see what the muscles look like under the file. Oh and I have yet to try and bend a file with the muscles lol so may need to play around with it first.


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Im doing it all in cs5 photoshop. I mean I am a complete newbie with this, never done anything with this software before, all been just trial and error really.
Just me playing around and having fun :)

And thanks for all the comments, I need them lol.


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Thanks man, I appreciate that, and listen once this is complete, your welcome to the files, I've seen your batman work and it's great stuff. And since your a fan of the bats, if you want these for yourself then your welcome to them, afterall your the one with a printer, and I'm still waiting lol.
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