TCTD Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 SHD Cache


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I couldn’t find any good reference images so I went back to the game and grabbed these
70F673D4-2855-4AE9-93F1-F333F8AD5413.jpeg AD6B4EC0-2AD8-4F2B-BCAB-23441143A202.jpeg 76052558-AB72-4674-A077-6FBAE8BD56F3.jpeg 288138CF-AAA3-4BD6-B011-3658B36319A8.jpeg 5DFCFC59-E3FA-4EE8-8CC1-C18DF5E5337F.jpeg 748184C2-96DF-4ED2-83C3-7DE401DE8DBD.jpeg 6E62E8A9-E137-4362-B505-A4AA67FD7494.jpeg 65912F16-7FCE-4C22-A2FF-54F2FEB477E1.jpeg EF16D6B0-C8D7-4DD8-A83E-7A9A8FCF2D89.jpeg CEC2C3C6-BDC6-406E-97F9-ECD51FC0CEC1.jpeg 55A34D86-47C1-4EAE-B5BE-B76EA8304791.jpeg
If anyone can identify an existing Pelican™ or other case that this might be based on, please let me know


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Okay agent sorry for the delayed response but i belive this is the intel you are looking for. this shd cache is made from a nanuk 909 case dimensions are 11.44x7x3.68" orange bumpers are a pvc strips heated and glued to case the main plate is a metal watercut plate and printer sticker decal. this is about as close as i could get to in game accuracy and i am currently working on some print alternatives for the metal plate. seeing as its a thick piece of alunimum and you have to go through a company that can waterjet the plate for you and that can be costly


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Nice work man. Dunno why I haven't seen your reply before now.
Have you posted the process/detail on therpf? I'd love to see it.
My version can be seen here.

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