Tattoo sketch


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This is my first posting here on the lair. Getting a new tattoo on Saturday (3/19/2011) and would love to hear what you guys think. the tat is going to end up being a sleeve and will be in color



Darth Pinhead

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Though I understand the fact that this is a perspective drawing, his left arm and hand feels off. I am reminded of Hellboy. Also, and again, this is just meant as a "second set of eyes critique", the body seems squashed in respect to the legs, despite knowing why it is in its current position. Other than those two comments, I love the concept and respect the fact that you are immortalizing the Pred on your arm!


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I can see what you mean brad, it's all sortof forced perspective,.....his left hand if nothing else should be even bigger because it's coming toward you,...and since the angle is a sloping downward shot,......his whole body would get smaller and smaller,.....

just my thought on it,.....
i'm sure the tattoo artist will make any abrupt changes that are needed,...
pluswrapping a design around an arm / leg etc.
would mean certain things askew anyway ,...and would have to compensated ,...

sorry if thats confusing,....i get that look all day at the tattoo shop when i try to explain why something flat looks flat,....
and why 3d is the way to go ,....hahahah
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