TASM2 Non-Raimi Patternmaking - Red Parts Only


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Hello everyone,

I've been around for a few weeks and have been sort of posting to a minimum. A friend of mine introduced me to an awesome pattern maker program (even obtained me a special license for students) and I was thinking of creating a sewing pattern for the Amazing Spider-Man 2 suit using my experience I obtained from my weekly patternmaking classes. My pattern will then be graded later in the grading process.


I will be using photo references as a guide but I will not use as the absolute final pattern as we know that some of these patterns will look a bit warped when unstretched in its 2D form. To aid me in this, I will be using a male dress form that I keep in my home.


This will fit a person who has an average build and I will only be creating the red parts as I believe that only the blue parts will need to be resized to accommodate most sizes. Of course, it will be a bit difficult trying to gauge all the pieces as the arm pieces have so many seams.