Interest TASM: Jansport-style Slacker Backpack by Magnoli Clothiers

Indy Magnoli

Master Member

A customer asked if we could do a run of these "slacker" backpacks from The Amazing Spider-Man. So... what kind of interest would there be in these? We thought of offering them with or without the extra tan straps across the back. Let us know if you'd be interested and which version you'd prefer. Depending on the interest, we might only offer one style or, possibly, both.

Also, feel free to post your preference about the branding. We could do the "MagSport" logo as shown above, leave a blank black patch or leave the external branding off completely.

Price would be around $125 and would be in the correct distressed cotton canvas.

Kind regards,

The Artsie Guy

New Member
OMG, yes! I’d love for you guys to sell these. It looks great and is affordable compared to other prices I’ve been offered. Even if you offered the strapless backpack, I’m sure that’d be helpful to a lot of Spidey fans. I’ve just been completely making over a superbreak backpack.


New Member
That's so cool! You're such a great shop and I'd definitely get one of these. Whether it's branded or not doesn't really matter but the straps added would be sick and really give it some character

Indy Magnoli

Master Member
We're just waiting for our sample bag to arrive at our pattern maker... but it seems to be in post-limbo at the moment. Hopefully it's not MIA! Fingers crossed.

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