TASM 2 Accurate From Scratch


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Hi, i will starting to make a accurate tasm2 costume
before making the real suit, i will have to make a test suit to see if the pattern is good or not
i will start making a test suit with these fabric

so far i have done the blue pieces

update : i have done the webbing ,the front spider fr the chest and the belt. also i had cut out all the blue piece for preparing sew

this is my mask with puff paint , the eyes are photoshoped
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here is some update on the belt part that i am working on
if you have Any questions, feel free to ask


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Subscribe ! I've been wanting to make the suit with red and blue fabric. Looking forward for this.


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Your name, on Instagram is @young_min0, right?
You and I were just talking on Instagram.
Your profile picture is the same, the progress pics and fabric are the same.
If not, then I'm sorry.


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Update !! : i had done the the chest piece, i think i will sew this in a next few day because maybe i wil not have enough patient to make all the webbing


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update :
sewing work in progress
i am sewing the suit myself , its also my first time
IMG_20150720_214859.jpg IMG_20150720_214606.jpg IMAG1309_1.jpg sewing the boot was pretty difficult at the sole part, so i has start from hand sewing the sole then use machine