Tardis Laser Cut Kit Build


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I am delighted with the "Big Blue" police telephone box kit from Greg Watson.

Most of the kit is precision laser cut timber sheet, but the handles, lock and lamp are (I think) 3d printings and the upper signage is pre printed acrylic.

The basic construction method is a structure of base, corner posts and roof using strong carcasses that are then "skinned", with the sides being layered panels plus detailing.

The fit and finish of the pieces is excellent, so care gluing/squaring, plus a little filling and sanding is all that's required.

Here's the basic structure:

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D72_1095.jpgD72_1090.jpgProgress shots: Old english bulb for the toplight made from led, acrylic ball and clear epoxy; panel detail with mitred rails and a tape up dry fit.D72_1096.jpg


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Thanks for the kind comments.

I decided to light the model. The upper lamp is a flashing led; I tried a standard led with a flasher circuit, but saw no advantage so went the simplest route.

The backlit signs looked best with bright white light behind them, but not too close. The original signs in the 1960's Police telephone boxes were (I believe) lit by (then) standard domestic incandescent bulbs in a row of three, or four bulbs, but either a diffuser or the glass signs served to make individual sources virtually imperceptible.

The BBC have used tube/strip lighting in their Tardises. I used strip mounted LEDs on a square timber frame spaced a little back from the signs.

I felt that the interior light visible through the windows needed to be different to the light behind the signs and not to look like a single source. After some trials I opted for mounting twelve white/yellowwhite LEDs into a frosted perspex hemisphere.

This gives a distinct tone to the light within the Tardis and the asymmetrical arrangement means that your view through each side is slightly different.

The interior light is not as yellow as it appears in the images and without flash photography the weathering/graining on the paintwork is more subtle than it looks here. (I haven't found a way of rotating the uploaded images, sorry.)


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I am stunned, you are a machine getting this together so fast. She looks amazing!


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Two shots of the finished model. One straight, one with appropriate special effect, but in both cases the image of the model is unretouched.

Pretty much a straight build of Greg Watson's kit. Some of the pieces were tweaked to match photos I have of (one of the) Tennant Tardises: mouldings were mitred and in some cases reduced in thickness; tiny additional mouldings were added to the internal frame of each side; four support posts added to the lamp which was slightly remodelled by sanding to reduce and a layer of superglue to build up/reshape; added detail to key hole. Such tiny details, that few will notice. I see that Greg continues to improve the kit and already has a new light !

Painting was sprayed base coats of various shades of blue, sprayed blue top coats, some blue washes, a little hand painting and some wear by controlled washes and rubbing with Scotchbrite. The variations are less severe than the photos suggest. The Tennant woodgrain look is evident particularly in natural light.

As per an earlier post, I added lighting, that was a simple and worthwhile task. Obviously, there is plenty of room inside, so a sound module is a possible addition.

There is an opening door option for those wanting a diorama or interior. I constructed a mocked up interior using forced perspective for the area close to the door and a curved photo based backdrop, but wasn't convinced by the effect. No doubt someone more skilled than me could make it work!Tardis 2_edited-1.jpgTardis 1_edited-1.jpg

I usually give models a settling down period and sometimes return to tweak paintwork etc, but today I'm pleased with this as it is !

The build has been enjoyable and straightforward and I recommend the kit to all fans. As mentioned, Greg Watson continues to improve the kit and has options for the Smith and Capaldi versions.

Extra shot, real Doctor, model Tardis, below.
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Very nice, How big is this, and is the kit on here, I done a search but could find it anywhere.


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Thanks for the kind comments, Vash has kindly provided the link for anyone interested .

It's about 50 cm tall and 24 cm square. Tardis 3 with Doctor.jpg