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Hi all, just adding a build thread for Tam Posla. I had the helmet modeled, and have done some research to get the found parts.

I bought an ebay tanker helmet, the Green Tanners tanker helmet, and the At the Front version. The ATF version is the best of the 3, the dome shape is better and the leather work is very good. However, the leather is thick for the rim. I also dug up some old Lange ZT boots with the correct buckles.

I am still searching for the proper sized 2 step clip things, that connect the boot buckle to the helmet. So far, I have gotten several samples but they are very small in comparison.

Due to the shape difference of the model and the helmet, I cut the helmet up and attached it to the front, and am currently adding a bit of fiberglass to allow me to attach the ear and back protector in the correct location.

I still need to work on the stalk base. I added the ramp part on the back to it, and need to adjust the angle for it to fit better.


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Helemt is done, now to the most important stuff...... the painting, at which I suck. Still looking for the right sized clips though.


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Pete SSS

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Hey, lovely work on this! I’m looking to start the same project too.

Would you mind sharing a little more info on the ski boot buckles? I’ve found something close, but they are not quite correct.

Do the boots you’ve found have more than one pair of correct buckles? If so I’d love to buy a second pair from you if possible. If not, then a photo of the boots you found would really help with my search!

Thanks mate.


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Hey thanks for the interest! I had to put it aside for now as I am working on a customers U wing helmet.
The buckles are from "Lange" ski boots-early 80s. They seem to be on 2 models, I got mine from the ZRT model, I know there is a second model with the same buckles.

Found them on ebay.

Each boot only has one of the correct sized buckle for Tam and the other 3 are larger. I sent one of mine to a guy who is modeling them for the wider audience. I sent him a note to see where he is at today as I forgot about it. He was supposed to be done by now.
It's so awesome to see people working on Tam Posla. One of my favorites of the new Star Wars character designs. I was actually just starting to look into the parts of his costume myself. Thank you for sharing those details on the boot buckles!
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