Tall costumes & doors question: 9' G1 transformers toy Devastator rig


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So I'm in the planning stages of Devastator's torso harness system, and at the same time I really have to plan on how to get through doorways. Devastator will be roughly 8'11" high and a standard doorway anywhere from 6'7" to 7'7.5". The torso will be built as shallow as possible so it can easily pass sideways through doorways.

Here's the rough proportion: http://i1276.photobucket.com/albums/y470/Martaxus/Height Proportion V2_zpskgiqa8u3.jpg
The first run at the harness torso system: http://i1276.photobucket.com/albums/y470/Martaxus/Harness system V1_zpst7zdz0ou.jpg
The lower legs will be built around/on hard foam insulation with calf support strut: (3" shorter than this pic) http://i1276.photobucket.com/albums/y470/Martaxus/On stilts_zpsmvq8uhbk.jpg

My first thought was rigging a means of lowering my torso/upper body down onto wheels: lengths of tubing could be rigged to drop down from the corners of the torso frame with wheels on the ends. My legs would be able to clear a doorway. I would squat down onto the lowered wheels and do a crabwalk though doors, twisting the torso sideways to the robot's arms could pass. However, aside from the special rigging for the wheels it also means designing the belts/suspenders to resist upward force instead of gravity on the costume, and I don't want to get into a climbing harness to wear this...

I've thought of rigging wheels to the fronts of the lower legs, near the top of Mixmaster & to the middle 'canopy' of Scrapper, and then essentially going to my costume's knees to roll through doors, turning the torso's arms to clear.

My wife suggested I could remove my lower legs and just walk through sideways - I'd then be 7'4" but could squat & twist through doorways. While this method is simple and would only require me to have some manner of 1' step with me/part of the rig, it means delays near doors at a crowded convention. It is also not as visually awesome as going through in 1 'piece'.

There is also the concept of a lightweight dolly that could be rigged to the robot's back, with the idea to kneel on it and roll through doorways.

How might anyone here approach this? How have the tall guys passed through doorways?

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