Tall Biker Scout


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I am 6’ 2” and I would like to start a biker scout to get approved by the 501st.
Does anyone know of an armor maker whose armor fits taller people?


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As biker scout armour is lots of small,parts , it suits any height , it's only the overalls that need to fit you .
Having said that ....

Up until recently there has been no screen accurate biker armour available at all, which meant a free for all on sizing from different manufacturers , most of it on the small size to be honest , however RS Propmasters in the uk have recently released a set of armour taken from a screen used set , so it's screen accurate , and believe it or not , the armour pieces are quite large ..larger than most people thought .
It's on pre order at the moment , might be worth emailing them for information .
They do complete suits including all,the soft parts and blaster .


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AT3D, like CFR said, and like I'm sure you've seen, the parts don't really hook together, so height isn't an issue from that stand point.

are you just afraid that the "arm holes" will be a little to restrictive on your taller frame, or that you'll have to make the soft gut armor taller so you don't look like you're wearing a tube top or something?

if it's the arm thing, look at a picture of the costumes, and you can see it's actually an elastic strap that goes under the arm, holding the front to the back, if it's the soft gut armor, I think most folks make that from scratch any how
, so you'd just make it whatever height was needed