Talion "Shadow of Mordor" Cosplay


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Hello everyone,
This is my first build as a member of this forum. I will be cosplaying as Talion from "Shadow of Mordor", for anybody unfamiliar with the character I have added screenshots from the game below. It will be a LOTR ranger style costume. This build will be mostly cloth and leather, but I am using EVA foam and Worbla for some of the accessories.

Belt_Detail.JPG Clean3.JPG Cloak2.JPG colors.JPG Horn_Detail2.JPG Render.JPG Tabbard.JPG


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Here is my progress so far.
Materials for the belt and cloak.

20150124_165138.jpg 20150124_165206.jpg

I used my Silhouette paper cutter to cut the Sigil for the 'Black Gate', then used a acrylic/gesso mixture to paint it onto the winter fleece cloak.
I created a 2D version of the pattern on his belt. A friend of mine 3D printed it for me, I then made a mold and a cast to use as a stamp on the belt.

IMG_20150126_101651.jpg IMG_20150127_095413.jpg IMG_20150127_155418.jpg IMG_20150131_110518.jpg

Here is the start of the horn. I glued EVA foam sheets together to build the depth, then carved and shaved them down to make the correct shape.

IMG_20150202_080822.jpg IMG_20150203_225320.jpg

Up next I will be finishing the cloak and adding the details to the horn.


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Hey everyone,

I wanted to post an update on the progress of my Talion cosplay. Feel free to post comments or suggestions or questions. Thank you for viewing.

Horn Progress:
After Layers of Bondo, I added a wrap of Worbla that I sanded down and Gessoed. Then I started the detail work in Worbla.
20150205_185723.jpg 20150207_154339.jpg 20150209_194940.jpg 20150209_201325.jpg 20150210_195312.jpg
20150210_205345.jpg 20150210_213622.jpg 20150210_231705.jpg 20150210_231720.jpg 20150210_235148.jpg


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Looking good! Can't wait to see how it turns out. I am embarking upon a build of the Dark Ranger armor, but in a female version. Should be interesting. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

closet batfan

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Wow, all so good. Love what you did with the belt, that looks so professional. The only thing i would say is that it probably would have been cheaper to buy a cow horn, than build one IMO.


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Hey everyone,
Thank you so much for all the support and kind words. Sorry for the the 2 posts but I could not fit all the progress pics on one post.

Cloak Progress:
Added in the torn and 'frayed' bottom edge. I also sewed on the fur trim and added button holes at the neck. I will be weathering all of the clothing pieces at the same time so they have some consistency between them.

20150208_192511.jpg 20150208_194026.jpg 20150208_194426.jpg 20150208_195438.jpg

Hip Pouches:
Fabricated the Hip pouches, first with paper to be sure of size and fit, then out of leather. I just have to cut the slits in the back to allow the belt to pass through.

20150209_211519.jpg 20150210_065622.jpg 20150214_183433.jpg 20150214_202348.jpg 20150215_143928.jpg 20150215_145913.jpg 20150215_150946.jpg 20150215_153116.jpg 20150215_154650.jpg 20150215_162410.jpg 20150216_090919.jpg 20150216_090859.jpg 20150222_184418.jpg


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Jerkin Progress:
Here is my progress on the Jerkin. I used a pattern I had previously made for a Hoodie as the base template for this design. The technique I used on the cloak for the sigil worked well so I used it again here for the sigil on his chest. I have to add on the designs for the trim. Here are the pieces laid out without sewing.

20150214_170525.jpg 20150218_210842.jpg 20150218_214213.jpg 20150221_214229.jpg 20150218_205155.jpg 20150218_203013.jpg 20150218_204247.jpg 20150222_160058.jpg 20150222_170219.jpg 20150223_191710.jpg 20150223_195819.jpg 20150224_204537.jpg


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Hey everyone sorry for the long wait between updates. Here is the progress I have made so far.

Outfit Progress:
Here are some images of the Gauntlet and some of the Vambrace, I do not have pictures of the whole thing completed though.
Also included is a picture of the currently completed outfit on the bust.
20150302_211652.jpg 20150303_214314.jpg 20150303_214324.jpg 20150303_221502.jpg 20150303_221519.jpg 20150307_202221.jpg 20150307_203320.jpg 20150318_222215.jpg

Sword v1:
Here is the first pass at making the sword, I ran into lots of problems including using the wrong base materials and having the Bondo react poorly with Pink Foam (THEY DO NOT MIX WELL). Here is the result of that attempt.
20150301_195629.jpg 20150301_194016.jpg 20150301_184137.jpg 20150308_153817.jpg 20150308_160803.jpg 20150320_155721.jpg 20150320_155924.jpg 20150320_155710.jpg 20150320_155809.jpg


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Here is version 2 of the sword remade with the correct materials and a little bit of experience from doing the wrong things on the first attempt.

Sword v2:
20150320_153322.jpg 20150320_180426.jpg 20150320_193322.jpg 20150320_200639.jpg 20150321_165306.jpg 20150321_190001.jpg 20150321_210226.jpg 20150321_210209.jpg 20150322_105112.jpg

So taking what I learned on v1 and v2 of the sword I have made the base for the Dagger.
20150322_121518.jpg 20150322_115729.jpg 20150322_135659.jpg 20150322_133721.jpg 20150322_140823.jpg 20150322_160218.jpg 20150322_174038.jpg 20150322_174055.jpg

Here are some shots of me testing out the fit of all the pieces together, along with the wig and blue contacts.

20150321_145708.jpg 20150321_145740.jpg 20150321_145749.jpg


I loved that game. I was skeptical about the recognisability of the character as a cosplay but nope, it's pretty instantly recognisable. Those swords are looking awesome too.


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Hello everyone, I have a HUGE update for this costume. Sorry it took me so long to post all these pics but here are all the pics leading up to MegaCon and the pics from the con.

Sword Update:
Progress on the sword. Using Worbla to create the details.

20150324_172417.jpg 20150324_183121.jpg 20150324_224322.jpg 20150324_231150.jpg 20150325_213955.jpg 20150406_210622.jpg 20150406_205111.jpg 20150406_174843.jpg 20150325_221724.jpg 20150408_224049.jpg 20150409_140941.jpg 20150409_163505.jpg


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Here is the piece I have been calling the 'Medallion'.

I created this with a piece of EVA foam and then covered it in Worbla.

20150329_181351.jpg 20150329_183247.jpg 20150329_201532.jpg 20150329_211846.jpg 20150409_150836.jpg

This is the glueing of the Medallions to the leather straps for the sheath.

Sorry I do not have more progress pics of the Sheaths but here they are built with a base of Sintra and covered in Worbla. The Sword Sheath will need to be rebuilt to fit the sword better but at the time I was on a tight deadline.

20150401_225213.jpg 20150401_225225.jpg 20150404_142140.jpg 20150404_142212.jpg 20150404_172843.jpg


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Here is the Shoulder strap thing, it had to hold two separate leather straps for the Dagger and the Sword. This was made with a base of Sintra, built out with EVA foam and detailed with Worbla. Also included is a back shot showing how it holds the sheaths.

20150405_134608.jpg 20150405_142018.jpg 20150405_180014.jpg 20150405_180252.jpg 20150406_220555.jpg

Clothing Update:
Here are some pics of the finalized and weathered outfit.

20150407_233959.jpg 20150408_102200.jpg 20150408_102358.jpg 20150408_102519.jpg 20150409_111240.jpg 20150409_111206.jpg 20150409_145138.jpg


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Here are all the pics I have of the completed cosplay at Megacon 2015. Thank you all so much for the support and views of this post. I have not finshed all of the elements of this costume and hope to do this in the near future but if you have any feedback or critique please post here. Thanks again.

20150411_094821.jpg 20150411_094833.jpg 20150411_094854.jpg 20150411_094910.jpg 20150411_101103.jpg 20150411_105337.jpg 20150411_105412.jpg 20150411_110355.jpg 20150411_123631.jpg 20150411_123601.jpg 20150411_123807.jpg 20150411_172925.jpg 20150411_170415.jpg 20150411_173123.jpg 20150411_181140.jpg 20150411_173139.jpg 20150411_181311.jpg

Bonus pic of me in the Talion cosplay with the voice actor of the character Troy Baker.

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