Taking screen accuracy a "step" too far, Biker Scout boots.


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This will hopefully be the latest upgrade to my Biker Scout costume, a lot of trial and error to follow. Any advice on best rubber for boot soles very much appreciated.




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I've been very curious about casting boot soles as well. I look forward to any info posted here.


My Grandfather was a shoemaker- cobbler , he would carve the soles after re-soling boots and shoes. I think the heat and fumes involved in melting / pouring shoe rubber would be a deterrent .

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So... @wolf, I know it has been a LONG time, but whatever happened to this project? I ask because I just realized that GR13, Andrew Scott from Universal Solider seems to fancy wearing Biker Scout boots!



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I have an original pair of the HI-Tec (Woodland version) shoes and even tough they're a size 12 US (I'm a 7 UK) I've taken various moulds of the sole detail with a view to making myself a pair. A friend of mine is a 3D modeller and at the end of May he'll have one of the boots to work from with a view to making a workeable CAD/CAM file.


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I use a clear flexible polyurethane for the soles (NIKE MAG) I make. Supplier pending, you can spec the shore. Mine are A65 which seems to be good wearing.


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