Take cover, a nightmare of a remake incoming, also Jumanji!

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by The Terminator, Aug 5, 2015.

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    Are slasher movies even relevant to today's audience? Who are they marketed towards?

    I grew up watching each and every horror movie I could as a teenager.. But what teen in this day and age would rather watch a horror movie than a comic movie?

    Are these remakes supposed to be marketed to fans of the originals? If so, I'm fairly certain we have voiced time and time again that it is not what we want.

    Unless they do a drastically different take, sort of how the Scream TV series is doing (moderately) successfully, I don't see this or any other slasher reboot doing well... It isn't as simple as "turning it off and back on again" when we're dealing with film franchises.
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    What gets me is these remakes don't even do well at the box office yet they still make them, neither the Freddie reboot nor the Halloween one did well at the theaters. Robert England is the only Freddie, they need to just realize that.

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