System Shock 2 Laser Pistol


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So, i startet a Prop Weapon from one of my alltime favorite Games System Shock 2.

The Apollo H4 Laser Pistol.
Original Model:

Model from the Mod:

The shape is basically the same so i think i will use the details of the original Model.

I used 123dMake to cut the 3D Model in slices, print them out and glue them on a 3mm plasticfoam board.
The Model i used is from a Modpack that updates the existing Models to some better looking ones.
But its very accurate to the original model.

123dmake01.jpg IMG_20150211_231420.jpg 02.jpg 01.jpg


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So, thge raw Body is done.
Now it comes to a **** load of sanding and filling. ^^

IMG_20150226_234948.jpg IMG_20150226_234908.jpg


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Love it! Nice to see System Shock getting some love. Plus 123D Make is a great tool and doing the slices is a great method.

Good luck!


Always got time for System Shock! I'll be keeping an eye on this one, look forward to seeing how it turns out.
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