SyFy's Childhood's End


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The first 2 parts should be pretty straightforward, it's the third night I'm concerned about, trying to convey what's happening...they could really botch it.


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Given it's the scifi channel i have no doubt they're going to drop the ball on this.

That's about where I come out on it. I pretty much assume anything SyFy will be garbage nowadays.

They knocked "DUNE" out of the park. But, yah - this will probably suck.

They knocked Dune out of the park fifteen years ago. The Sci-Fi channel of 2000 is not the SyFy channel of 2015, and hasn't been for a very, very long time.


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The only thing I remember from the book:
Was what the alien looked like when they finally were able to see him.


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Maybe someone at Syfy is finally getting the idea that good science fiction is what they need to do more of...but time will tell

Metaluna mutant

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It's one of my favorite books so I'm really looking forward to it, regardless of the syfy adaptation reputation. However, I'm going to wait til all 3 parts are available to watch it all at once.


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This is a simple one to judge, so I'll let you guys be the guinea pigs and I'll just ask this: Did they get it right? This one has a couple things that they really have to nail in order to classify as "right" in my book. Clarke's one of my favorite authors, and I won't take kindly if they screw it up.


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I remember almost nothing from the book, I could have sworn there was a team working on getting a look at the aliens, not that they revealed themselves.

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