SWTOR. Sith Acolyte/Warrior helmet (Adraas style?) PIC HEAVY


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I think this is the first time I've ever started a thread on therpf so go gentle with me.

Ever since I saw the "Deceived" trailer for SWTOR I've loved the look of these guys:

Particularly this fancy style of helmet/mask:

There was one of these warriors that was given a name in the Deceived book, he was called Adraas and was the Sith Lord that led the fifty Sith warriors that crashed the ship in through the temples walls for the suprise attack, so for this purpose I'll be calling this the "Adraas style" armour.

I made my first attempt at the helmet back in 2009 for a Halloween costume, it was very rough and with the only real reference with being the CGI trailer I didn't make that good a job of it (at that moment in time I didn't even know how to get screen captures so I spent a while in front of my monitor with the trailer on pause.)

The next year after the "Hope" trailer came out I decided to have another go at it, this time there was better reference pictures and I learnt how to do screen caps, this time I got the helmet a bit smaller and a little more accurate.

Okay so call me silly but I got myself hyped about SW:TOR again, and what happens when I get hyped about SW:TOR? I go ahead and start re-making stuff for my costume.

This time I'm more determined to get it right, and I also have to admit that I was jealous of the mask that mywickedarmor made.
So once again I restarted my helmet, in the same style as I always do I start with a rough template:

and copy it onto cardboard to get the basic face shape:

I used a voice changing death eater mask as a template for the top, covered in paper mache:

This gave me these pieces:

Put together form:

This lot was covered in paper mache:

Before being given some coats of resin+sand+prime+resin+sand+prime.

Fast forward (skip some resin and sanding) and it's time for some details:

So, last time I attempted this I discovered that I couldn't paint the fancy swirls very accurately (I didn't have the patience!). So what am I going to do this time. Perhaps I was foolish or perhaps I was taking notice of the fact that there really shouldn't be a timescale on this, I could after all just do this bit by bit and get there eventually one day... so my weapon of choice for the next 10-12 hours of freetime were these:

Did I tell you that I didn't have much patience, and I've always said pepakura looked like too much messing about with bits of paper for me to even attempt it. Well, now I've learnt the patience and skill it takes to cut tiny pieces of paper. Plus I have the numb fingertip to go with the hours of scalpel use.

And I spent hours cutting tiny bits of cardboard and sticking them onto my mask:

Bit by bit I worked my way around the mask:

And eventually it was covered:

After I'd covered it and myself in glue and (crappy timewasting) little bits of cardboard I gave it another coat of resin, before spraying it with primer. It looked okay I thought, the details were still visible, so I added some rub'n' buff before giving it some a black wash with some acrylic paint. I ended up with this:




I'm still waiting for some red paint that I've ordered to be delivered so that I can paint the mouth area and the forehead areas. I'm pleased I've done this, I certainly consider this an improvement for my costume and I've learnt a bit along the way.
That is beautiful, great job.

I love how instead of etching in the details you used cardboard over the design then resined over it, I never would of thought of that.
Knocked it out of the park on this! I love the detail you put into this

*Edit* The cardboard cut-outs for the detail designs, was that your brain child? I think it's genius and opens up the world for more possibilities.
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I clicked on this thread really expecting to hate what I would see. Thankfully I was proven wrong. Great work! I really enjoyed how you got the detail to pop out(y)thumbsup
Great job! I might recommend using a black nylon for eye covers. I used it for my Darth Nihilus mask and it works great. Just string them over the holes and hold down with hot glue. You can see through it really well but others can't see your eyes. This photo has no touch up done to it. Good luck.


I have to say that this thread took me on a journey through the range of human emotion.

1. Oh, not sure about that.
2. Hmmm, ouch.
3. Really, you think that will work?
4. Not convinced that it's working...
5. Ooooo, I just got goose bumps like something weird and wonderful is about to happen...
6. Wait, what is that? My eyes just danced a little.
7. Holy Maloney, that is brilliant!

I'm very impressed with how you got that vision in your head and made this come to life. Very awesome build!
Thanks for the positive comments everybody, I'm happy that it's had a good response.

Knocked it out of the park on this! I love the detail you put into this

*Edit* The cardboard cut-outs for the detail designs, was that your brain child? I think it's genius and opens up the world for more possibilities.
I'm not sure if it's my brain child as such it just seemed like the simplest way for me to achieve this kind of detail. I've never scuplted using clay or anything before and I'd hate to even attempt this kinda of pattern with clay.

Previously I'd stuck sintra on for the band that runs over the head and just above the nose so this was one step further, plus I already knew that I found it really difficult to just paint the filigree style designs on.
I had originally thought about cutting a stencil to paint the patterns onto the mask but that idea basically turned into me using the cutouts from the stencil and glueing them directly onto the mask. I'm sure this must've been done before though.

I got some more photo's today in natural light and I think the details "pop" a bit more in these.

@Bamabat Yeah I was thinking of using some speaker cover material for the eyes, but currently don't have any to hand and had this black mesh material which was just duct taped in for now.
I'm glad you steered away from just using stencils. The 3D effect of it makes it stand out!!

Haha, me too - I'm quite please how the mask kind of looks like some kind of pewter ornament.
I was a little bit unsure about how much of the detail would remain after the cardboard was coated in resin but it came out just how I wanted it. A bristle must've come out from the brush though during the resin coat and that remains visible too :darnkids
I was playing my Sith Juggernaut last night and wondering if the armor you get in game will be half as impressive as the Sith Warriors wore when they took down the the Jedi Temple with Malgus.

Have you thought of making a standard version of the helmet for sale, I would consider buying one for the right price.
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