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Want to Buy Sword Art Online - Sinon's Hecate 2 Sniper Rifle prop

Discussion in 'Want to Buy' started by xSufferTheLossx, Jul 4, 2015.

  1. xSufferTheLossx

    xSufferTheLossx New Member

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    Hey everyone!

    So I need a replica gun prop made for a cosplay that I'm doing. I have thought about ordering a replica online from China but due to Canadian laws it's too risky to import a replica because of risk of seizure at the boarder.. even if it doesnt fire or was never meant to fire..


    I need a Canadian prop maker who could make Sinon's Hecate 2 from Sword Art Online.
    I will obviously pay for it to be made and the shipping costs. Not a problem.

    Those who haven't seen the anime I will post a photo of the real sniper rifle as a reference.

    If you do not make gun props I would really appreciate it if you could comment some links to some Canadian makers for me I would REALLY appreciate it.


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