Sweeney Todd Vest?


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Hey guys, I'm thinking about next Halloween already! :lol

I've been trying to decide how what I might do, because I typically have to stretch my budget over as long as possible. Right now I am considering Sweeney Todd as my next project. However, I have a question...What all vests are available that look good? Most of the vests I have seen are from China, and look very cheap.

Having said that, I found this one online, and I LOVE the look of it. I do not know anything about it other than that it is sold out. :cry It looks pretty cool, and the price *was* very good for it....

Sweeney Todd Vest Replica | The Movie Shop

Any imput on Todd's vest? (Or maybe even shirt?) Thanks guys!


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if you search for sweeney todd on ebay their's one guy AnthonyZ who makes a good sweeney todd vest here's a picture of mine


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You still thinking of doing Sweeney Todd for Halloween next year? Glad to see people still cosplaying as him.

As for the vest, I have that vest that you posed about (on the Movie Shop website) and I have to say that it is decently accurate. It's fine for if you are not going for 100% accuracy, it has all the major detailing on it (all the seams and the back ties are present), however it is off in color and it is the wrong material.

I know AcosplayLifeForMe on deviantart makes really great Sweeney Todd costume items. She made my vest for me, and it is pretty accurate. Correct material, color, and details on it. You could try contacting her. She also makes his shirt, however the shirt she makes is missing the pleating and embroidery detail on it. It does have correct buttons though
Hope this helps a bit

Below is my Sweeney Todd cosplay with the vest from Acosplaylifeforme

Sorry for reviving a dead thread, I just saw this and thought I'd share what I know.
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