SW Visions Sith Umbrella


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Ever since SW visions came out, I fell in love with the Sith Umbrella from the Ronin episode. I know its a non sensical weapon but its the cool factor that reeled me in. And so i decided to build my own.



botom saber.jpg

Since its in animated form I can take some liberties on some things I considered not practical but I wanted to have the proper look and feel.

One of my biggest concerns is weight so I wanted to design it using light materials for each of the sabers, but i wanted a metal mast. I also want to have a detachable saber on the bottom.

First the design:

It is fairly close to the original one but has to be practical as well as functional. So had to make som compromises for it to work.

The plan was to power each saber individualy but have one main switch for all. Neopixel was out of the question due to cost and weight so I opted for High powered leds and 7/8" blades

The hilts are 3d printed in PA12 nylon for rigidity, strenght, heat and light weight. The rods are carbon fibre tubes used mostly on racing drones. The top hat and barrel are 3d printed in PETG.

The mast is actually an LGT saber/spike that measures 165cm, I just added about 25 cm more with the bottom hilt.

More on the next post.


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holy **** that is wicked. towards the end of the tiktok i was like "the umbrella operation is sick but it's a shame he didn't manage to include the- HOLY **** HE DID THE INNER CORE LIGHTSABER THINGY TOO WTF!!?!?!" that is ****ing awesome. goddamn

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