Sutter Cane's In The Mouth of Madness - Project completed!


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I'm currently working on replicating the hardcover of Sutter Cane's In The Mouth of Madness from John Carpenter's film of the same name.

I found a low res version of the front cover artwork online and spent a month plus cleaning up and sharpening it to make it print worthy. The spine and back covers as well as the flaps were made from scratch using reference pictures of the screen used prop. I tried to match the font the best I could and even replicated the misspelling of "scarey" on the back.

I didn't want to just use a random hardcover and wrap the dust jacket over it, so I made up an entire book for it. Its bound in brown buckram, has about 400 pages, and includes a title page, a disclaimer page and 60 Chapters with an Epilogue thrown in. Now, there's no way I would be able to write an entire book and pass it off as a Sutter Cane masterpiece, so I used the text that was used in the pages of the screen used paperbacks and repeated it to make up the book, arranging them into the aforesaid chapters. So at least when you flip through it, it looks like an actual book rather than some unrelated novel or a blank book.

The dust jacket the book is currently wrapped in is just a prototype. My country's still in lockdown so I have to wait for the shops to reopen before I can get the cover printed on a nice, glossy dust jacket paper that would hopefully look good on a bookshelf.

Stay tuned.



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I finally got the final version of the cover printed and laminated, and I'm happy with the look. I'm confident if I were to place the book on a shelf in a bookstore, it can be passed off as a regular hardcover novel, unless of course if a person were to flip through the pages and read the text. No doubt it would result in chaos and destruction and the fall of society as we know it, but that's part of the fun, right?




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That looks completely credible. In The Mouth of Madness is one of my favorite movies, and I'd love to have something like this on my bookshelf.

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