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Has anyone else been getting the Survey Popup whenever you go into certain threads sections. I've been getting it a lot recently in the OT and Replica Props section and I'm wondering why and how to get rid of it.
I just got the popup again, which I don't get on any other site, and here is what it says.


Tell us what you think

We are conducting a brief survey on this site

It has an email address

Below is the link at the top of the page. I put quotes around it to stop it from running, I hope.

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I have blocked it through popup blocker on my computer, but it still tries to run because I hear the signal that it has blocked it. This only happens on the RPF, so there is something on this site that is making it happen.

Any help would be appreciated.
We are working on nailing down exactly what "regular" ad is causing this pop-up so that we can block it. The pop-up is not the actual ad, we believe that it's being triggered by on of the static ads. Can you tell if it's the same ad being displayed in the background when the pop-up happens?
Okay, it happened again. The following are the links that were on the screen at the time.

Express Sidewalk Runway

New Tokyo Wear

Sideshow Collectibles
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