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Hey everyone im new to this place and am curious about the supreme vader costume.

Some sights say they will go up to 44 or 36 or 34. In the waist area.

I am about 6'1-6'2 and around 180 pounds. My waist is like 29 last time i checked.

Will the costume fit me? And if it does what is my best choice to buy it from?

Like from the store etc. I have read up that rubies sucks but this was like back in 2005 or so.

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I have the supreme vader suit. I like the suit, I bought a medium and had gotten the large sent to me by accident. my waist is 34 and the jumpsuit could have fit 2 of me in it. It seemed to be made for some one who is 6'6" and 250lbs.
I finally got the medium in and it is a little long for me being 5'8". So i'd say it would fit you fine. The problem with the rubies suits are that they are not movie accurate. If you are just a fan and u want a costume for halloween and to impress some friends that its just great. I've worn mine outside in -30c and i was sweating my butt off. The suit with stood the cold and the snow. Dont expect to sign up for the 501st with it though.
A movie accurate Vader suit will run you about 3000 from what i've seen.


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If you get a MR helmet and repaint some pieces to get a nice effect. In the photos below it's a MR helmet and rubies armor/cod/chest/caoes/belt buckle and boxes/shins.

The suit and gloves were bought elsewhere and the boots are cheap $40 costume boots. I have under $1500 in this and I honestly think it is a great setup.





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At 6'1" you are too tall for the medium unless you have a really short torso.

Edit: You were right. Just standard and XL size. The medium threw me off. Standard should be good.
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well the only size i am seeing that is currently avaible is the large/standard and XL.

Im curious if the large will fit me since I dont see a meduim size anywhere. plus i found out the shoulder to ankle length is 6'0 mine is 5'7 so i know im long enough but as for if the standard/large size will fit me i am not certain. One of the managers said it might be spacy by a little bit but it will fit me.

Im not entirely sure if i believe them so im wondering if large/standrad size will fit me. Since im not seeing meduim size anywhere.


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If anyone knows if that large/standard size would fit me with no problems please tell me. I really want this costume but I dont want to waste my money on something that will fall off my body.


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I don't know how people are saying they have a medium - the Rubies Supreme Vader has only ever been released in two sizes, Standard and XL.

I am 6' 2" and bought the Standard. I am only slightly heavier and larger in the waist than you. It fit me with room to spare, but was not really baggy. The XL would be like a circus tent on you. If you are a 29" waist, you are thinner than what they expect the average wearer to be - you may have some issues with the shoulder armor, unless your upper body is considerably more developed than your lower body. Thin Vaders often do some padding to bulk their size up.

It makes an impressive Halloween costume to the uninformed, but is WAY inaccurate, for ANY version of Vader. In some ways it is closest to ROTS, which is what it is supposed to be, but the helmet is clearly derived from a Don Post ESB or ROTJ.


BTW, if you're only 6' 2" and not wearing boots with lifts or added height of some kind, the cape will drag annoyingly on the ground. You'll want to shorten it so you don't step on it and drag it to bits.

Here's the best price a super-quick Google came up with:
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Alright I just found out everything I need to know about myself.

My inseam is about 31-32 inches but 3 feet in non-inches im not sure if they mean by feet or so when they say 31.5 in inseam.

My chest is 33

Waist is 31

And my Height is about 6'0-6'1

My weight is I believe either 190, 210 or 220 lbs.

I am curious what size I need and if it will fit me. Will I have any issues with the costume?
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Alright i stand corrected my weight is 130 pounds. 35 in the chest, 31 in waist and inseam. Sleeve is 24 and shoulder to ankle is 57 inches. And am about 6'0 in height.

Im wondering now if I will still have trouble in the costume now since i know what all my measurements are. Or will this costume fit me?


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What about inside of the mask? Does the helmet kind of lean forward when you put it on? Pushed up against your face or what? Also the lenses for the mask. Do they come off easily? Plus How hard is it to see through the lenses?


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The Rubies Supreme is most likely a RotS Version. The Helmet is completly wrong for RotS. The Dome holds on the mask with velcro, but its not a good way of attachment. The Chestbox has the wrong lights sequence, it is reversed. If you want to go for 501st approval you have to put in a lot of work. I started of with a Rubies Supreme Helmet, before I got my MR Helmet. I modified it heavily for my 501st Approval. Here are some pictures:



As far as the rest of the costume is concerned you have to stick the shoulderbells to the chestarmor and make it 1 piece, thicken it and repaint it, as well as put the correct metal chain on it. The Chestarmor is one of the best parts of the costume (if modded) because its nearly the acuratest one out there for RotS Vader. Beltboxes need to be modded too. Put in some aluminium mesh and knobs and they will do for the beginning. Exchange the Suit, go for one made of leather. The Rubies will make you sweat like hell! Shins can be repainted, they are made of ABS and you can polish them too, to make´em shine a little more. The Cape and Robe are okay for the beginning but I recommend a change for both too. Some heavier material (wool) with satin lining for screen accurate cape. If you really want to join the 501st, I would rather go for single pieces instead of the whole Rubies Supreme Costume. Too much work to put in and there are much more acurate parts out there. If you just need it for Halloween or playin around, the Rubies Supreme will do.

Regards Lars
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