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On Season 7's opener of Supernatural (an inside joke) Dean had that "eye of the tiger" Survivor shirt, I believe it is a custom has the art work for the 1980's Survivor album eye of the tiger, but it's ALOT different than the offical Survivor concert t-shirts you does anyone want to take this idea and run with it? Just give me a good price on a XL shirt and I'm, just like to have one. If anyone would also be interested..just say so...maybe the interest will make someone want to tackle this project. :love


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Old post, but someone just brought the topic up elsewhere.
I don't want to sell them myself, but if anyone wants to make them let me know. ;)

I'll be keeping an eye on this thread for updates. Have been scouring the internet with searches of any keywords I can think of with no luck so far. I may end up remaking the graphic myself at some point.
I'll try later today to clear up that picture (or redo it) because I'm interested in this shirt as well and once the picture us cleaned up maybe someone can actually organize the group buy
Does anyone have this graphic without the namebrand thing across it?

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Does anyone have this graphic without the namebrand thing across it?
That particular one, with the namebrand watermark, is my work. So no one has it without the watermark. There hadn't been enough interest to do a run of the shirt.
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