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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by misterfusion, Jan 10, 2006.

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    Hey all,

    If you dig the show "Supernatural" (which kicked the crap out of that lame "Kolchak" remake), go check out their official SITE.

    In the back seat of the car is the father's diary, and you can flip through page after page. As we like to say aroud here: "As Seen On TV".

    Time for you paper prop guys to git busy :)

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    does any one have any printable pages ?
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    yeah, but its really not that accurate. take for example the first couple of lines in the book.

    "i went to missouri, and i learned the truth. and from her..."

    and as we all know, john never said anything about missouri being a person. to quote dean from season 1 episode 9 home, "i always thought he ment the state."

    I'm just mentioning it so if anyone is trying to make a accurate replica of john's journal, they don't use the store bought one as a reference since it has discrepancies.


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