Interest Supernatural Angel Blades! Who wants one? Might be getting a new run on.


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As the title says, might be getting a new run going so we might as well tackle the good stuff too :)

Price is going to be dependent on interest, so obviously the more people we have involved the cheaper it is for all of us. Same as before.

Solid aluminum, hand made, all one piece. We might end up separating the guard from the rest of the body and reattaching it, but that's mainly to make grinding the blade down easier. These are hand made and not CNC'd, so there's no "click a button and make a prop" aspect of it. Long hours of grinding and polishing aluminum is what makes these happen :)

Complete guesstimate cost is high ended at 250$, low ended at 220$. I'll be taking a 50% deposit (or a full payment if you wish) when the order is placed, and the taking the second half of the payment when the order is ready to ship to me.

These don't come with a sheath, and are not sharpened, but they ARE flat metal triangular blades so again, please be careful with them. It's basically a big aluminum bat.

If you are interested, post up and let me know, and let's see about getting these made!

Probably can't do plating on this run, but I'll ask if there's some interest. It's apparently really difficult to plate big items like this with gold or silver.

Turnaround time is going to be about a month from the time the order is placed, until the order is ready to ship to me. We are taking german aluminum rod (apparently the best kind, or so I am told) and grinding it down and getting a lovely mirror polish on there, so it's gonna take a bit of time :)

Any questions, feel free to ask!



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Welp, doesn't look like we have too much interest on this one at the moment.

I'll check and see what sort of minimum order I need to have with em, and see if it alters the price at all.



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If this run were to get going I would definitely be interested. I know it's a little late but just wanted to put it out there.


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hey Chris, please put me on the list for a future run. i am definately interested and it has been awhile since you have separated me from my money. stay safe
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