Supernatural 1967 Impala Conversion


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Got a little quiet in here? Anyone have any updates? I'm getting ready to paint door panels, head liner, etc. and have car painted this month. Thought about leaving carpet and dash black, everything else lgt buckskin for a different look. Have the floor mat and like the contrast. Wouldn't be hard to change carpet and dash later. Any thoughts?

Can't wait to see it! Still on the hunt for a car for myself....


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So I'm very slowly learning about all the different parts of cars, engines, restorations. I'm saving/budgeting for about 50K for a replica but then I found this....

(G'day from South Australia by the way) This is the body I've been gazing at, since I'm still learning I'm wondering if I'm rushing into the purchasing of stuffs.

I'm reading through the thread here, and others in order to get a better grounding! I'm so very glad I've found you!

Hooray for another Impala Down Under.....


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I got an amazing deal on this beauty. She needs some love, but will make an awesome Baby. Runs like a champ! I will be uploading new videos as I get more work done. Check out my first video and listen to her purr.



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How did you paint the very front of the dash where the windshield is? Did you have to remove the Windshield to get down in there or is there a trick??


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I requested to join the Facebook group.
Gerald Brown
I deactivated all my Facebook accounts to get away from all the drama. I haven't been here in a while. I was hoping to get advice to help with my project. I have a '67 Caprice to convert into a Supernatural Tribute car. We've named her "Meg"


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I was going to but the wife nixed it. I did complete my research and found that there is a guy who is actually in Lawrence KS who has done several (he is on Youtube). He is a vast wealth of knowledge.

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