Superman (reeves) Hybrid - 1978 V 2016 Emblem


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Hey All,

I just started work on this request... Very happy with how it turned out.. Reeves superman is childhood favorite but the costume design not so much as I was born a bit later when the costume design had got more advanced looking. I lways the the s looked off but now after actually working on it I can see it's curvature makes sense IF looking at it from the right angle. I was allowed to make some tweaks to its desgin since it was a hyrbid so not supposed to be 100% accurate, buts purposley close.

Superman 78 V16 (8).jpg


  • Superman 78 V16 (1).jpg
    Superman 78 V16 (1).jpg
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  • Superman 78 V16 (10).jpg
    Superman 78 V16 (10).jpg
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    Superman 78 V16 (4).jpg
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