Superman: Legacy

One of the things about superhero costumes is that they originally had the premise that heroes wore them under their clothes, so they could change quickly when needed. I believe Superman supposedly also had a hidden pocket in his cape to hold his Clark Kent clothes.

Now, they don't bother with any of that, because they want textures and layers, which would be impossible to hide under normal clothes (though I'm not sure how realistic it was to hide a costume under regular clothes). Every costume just appears from "nanites" or some such relatively nonsensical explanation. That's one of the things I disliked about the progression of the MCU. Iron Man started out needing an apparatus to get into armor. He had the suitcase armor in the 2nd film, but it still had more of a "real world" feel. Now, they just appear by magic tech.
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It's increasingly a thing with these franchise movies, where they quit trying to balance the realism against the BS. Iron Man's costume appears out of nowhere. Vin Diesel gets a car customized to his specs overnight. Characters travel halfway around the world just to have a 3-minute conversation with somebody.

It's too obvious that the filmmakers are starting with big action scenes they want and then back-engineering a storyline around them.
Honestly I liked it in the first sitting picture more than here. It does not look as good, but much better than Henry's lizard suit though. Glad the underoos are back as well.
It looks better than Henry Cavill's suit for sure. Just the higher saturation & smoother surface alone is a huge improvement. Superman is not supposed to be dark-n-gritty.

As for the spy shots in downtown Cleveland: I can't picture them setting any part of the movie in Cleveland. Lately Cleveland has been used as a NYC substitute, like Toronto. So I guess these scenes are set in Metropolis.
I wonder if they are going to digitally adjust his suit? kind of what they did for Captain america's cowl in the D+ series
I think it's a good suit. The colors are right, and the lines are clean. It looks less like it should disintegrate the first time he takes any kind of hit.
I love the colors! Finally! It doesn't move with him very well though. It's way better than the Cavill suite though.

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